How To Treat Pimples

Pimples naturally occur especially during the teenage years. However, they are usually a pain to see particularly when in the face. Imagine having red dots flaring up in your face without a warning. This is not to mention yet that they leave a scar on your face after their show-off. With this, it is understandable that you want to get rid of your pimples. To help you do this effectively, check out these tips in treating pimples:

  • Do not pop the pimples as much as possible. It is always not a good idea to pop up your pimples no matter how irritated you are with the sight of them. This can only lead to scarring and infections. In any case you cannot avoid popping them out, make sure you start with clean hands. Wash your hands and use a cotton swab or tissue in lightly squeezing the pimples.
  • Have a good routine in taking care of your skin. There are several causes of pimples. Some of them are dead skin cells and bacteria buildup. To treat pimples, it is important that you take care of your skin very well to avoid the breakout of the causes of pimples. It is best to cleanse your face at least twice or thrice in a day. You can use different products to deeply cleanse your skin such as astringents, acne cleansers, creams, and exfoliating solutions. However, take note to pick the best product for your type of skin.
  • Be patient when treating pimples. No matter how hard you try, pimples will not go off your face overnight. In most cases, it takes about a month or less before a blemish caused by a pimple will disappear. During this process, do not poke at your pimples. It will be better if you leave it alone as it will naturally leave your skin when it is time.
  • Use concealer if you want to hide your pimples. Though this is not a permanent cure, this will best help you in not becoming impatient with a red spot in your face. However, make sure you use only an oil-free and anti-bacterial concealer. Use it to blend the pimples' redness to your skin color. Try green shades of concealer as it is best to offset the redness of your pimples on the skin.
  • Consider using facial mud mask. There are a lot of mud masks you can get in the market these days. Try using a mask as it is known to shrink pimples.
  • Use commercial zit-zapping solution. This kind of product is known to dry the skin covering your pimples. Though this is an effective approach in getting away from pimples, take note that this is does not offer a long-term treatment.
  • Use benzole peroxide medication. You can apply this to the pimples but take note not to apply this medication to the pimples' surrounding area.

Take note that the tips above do not work for everybody. Depending on your skin type and the severity of your pimple problem, you may need a different approach when treating pimples on your skin. It is true that what works for you does not always work for another person. To get the best results, seek the help of a dermatologist to find the best method when treating pimples.


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