How To Treat Tongue Piercing Infections

Early people wear tongue jewelries to honor their gods. But today, tongue piercing is simply a way of self expression. Although it may look cool, piercing the tongue can sometimes go wrong. Getting piercing infections is actually one of the kindest of the side effects. Some develop worse conditions than just infection. But if you will not treat the tongue piercing infection, it will surely lead to something more serious. Below are the proper procedures on how to treat tongue piercing infections:

  • Check for the piercing infection signs. Among the common signs of tongue piercing infection are fever, stinky smell, bad taste, yellow, green, or brown discharge, excessive redness, prolonged bleeding, increased tenderness and pain, and tissue build-up. Presence of one or more of these symptoms is already a sign of piercing infection.
  • Consult a pro piercer. Visit the one who did the tongue pierce. Ask about the infection symptoms and let him check it. Although the symptoms can be easily detected, it is still best to have a second opinion from a professional. Doctors, however, do not have enough orientation about tongue piercing. Professional piercers know the best thing to do to cure the infection without removing the ring. Follow his recommendations and ask whether it’s good to ask a doctor.
  • Ask a doctor. Professional piercers don’t have background on medicine. Better ask a doctor than risk developing severe condition. Ask the doctor for alternatives besides removing the jewelry. Some recommend removing of the jewelry. However, doing so will post another risk. The infection might be trapped in the wound instead of helping them be flushed out.
  • Apply alcohol on the infected area. Wet a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol. Put it on the infected area and leave it there for about a minute. Doing this will kill the bacteria that have caused the piercing infection. Other people prefer using hydrogen peroxide instead of rubbing alcohol. This can work, too, but it also kills white blood cells, which is important for treating the infection.
  • Clean the jewelry. Gently move the jewelry and apply cleansing liquid on it or wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Do this without removing the jewelry. Make sure to remove pus, dirt, dead tissue, and other debris on the jewelry.
  • Soak the infected area with salt. Dissolve sea salt in water and then wet a cotton ball with it. Put the cotton on the infected area and leave it there for as long as you can. The salt helps for better blood circulation in the affected area and drain bacteria.
  • Gargle. Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth after every meal. Gargle with Listerine or other anti-bacterial mouth wash. After that, mix about a teaspoon of sea salt to half cup of warm water. Gargle this for about three minutes. This can be painful but bear with it. The pain indicates the efficacy of the sea salt for killing the bacteria.
  • If everything fails, then you have no better option but to remove the tongue jewelry. This will close up the pierce, though. Don’t worry because you can still have your tongue pierced next time. What’s more important is to protect yourself from further danger that might be caused by the infection.

Usually, tongue piercing infection happen because of improper care after having it done. So if you decide to have your tongue pierced again, make sure to follow the safety guidelines by the piercer. It is easy and less painful than trying to cure infection caused by your carelessness.


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