How To Treat your Pool without Chemicals

If you own a pool, then you know how expensive and arduous it can be to maintain it. Chlorine and other chemicals are very expensive, and oftentimes can cause an allergic reaction or health problems to those with a sensitive constitution. There are more natural alternative ways to treat your pool if you want to forgo the use of chemicals. Keep in mind that before you decide to switch the system of cleaning that you are using, you must first read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The products are very specific in their approach so you must follow each one to the letter to get the best results.

Here’s how to treat your pool without chemicals.

  • Review your options. If you are a pool owner, then you know that there’s more than one way to treat a pool nowadays. It used to be that the gold standard in getting your pool cleaned was to use a lot of chlorine on a weekly basis. Today, new technology has allowed pool owners other means of maintaining their pool. Talk to other pool owners and get their feedback on the particular system they use. Also, you should talk to pool builders and pool maintenance store personnel to get recommendations. If a system is not available in your area, then you need to resort to other avenues.
  • Use Pristine Blue System. One of the most widely used non-chlorine based pool cleaning systems is to use Pristine Blue pool cleaning products. There are five product lines that are very popular, namely: Pristine Clean; Pristine Power; Pristine Blue; Pristine Extra and finally, Pristine Clear. What makes this pool cleaning system different from chlorine-based treatments is that the process is similar to the way cities purify the water to make it potable. It is also less expensive since you will only need to use a few ounces of the product on a bi-weekly basis, compared to using gallons of chlorine every week.
  • BZT Pool and Spa Treatment. This product is meant to be a chlorine substitute. As a more natural product, it is still effective in removing water lines around the pool, and it can help prevent the growth of algae and other bacteria in the pool water.
  • Use Chlor-Free System. This is another system of pool water treatment that doesn’t use chemicals to keep the water clean. Instead, it releases agents in the water that ionizes the water. By charging the ions in the water, algae and other bacteria do not thrive in the water. Some proponents even claim that taking a bath in ionized water can have many health benefits for the person. This is also a cost effective way of maintaining a pool, because it doesn’t use a lot of energy nor does it need any other type of special plumbing to use.
  • Remove solid waste. Regularly vacuum the pool and remove any floating matter such as leaves, hair and other items that have fallen in the water by using the net.

A benefit of not using chlorine when maintaining and treating your pool is that it is less expensive. Regular use of chlorine can be quite expensive. Also, if you don’t use chlorine and other chemicals in your pool, your pool area won’t have that strong and pungent chlorine smell. This means that when swimmers use the pool, they won’t experience that stinging sensation in their eyes. Also, swimwear won’t be damaged or discolored from exposure to chlorinated water.

Choose the best cleaning product solution for you.


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