How To Trim a Chinstrap Beard

Hair that grows on a person’s chin, neck and cheeks is called a beard. Not to be interchanged with a mustache that grows on a person’s upper lip, most men sport beards. In the ancient times, beards are worn as a sign of holding high ranks in the royal family. Across different religions ranging from Christianity to Sikhism, bears are popular to signify vocation.

Most men sport beards as beards are regarded for masculinity. Depending on the growth of the hair, and the way the hair is trimmed, there are several types of beards. Some of the popular styles are full beard, sideburns, chinstrap and goatee. Full beard is usually a flowing style while sideburns are concentrated on the jaw line. A goatee is a beard that is concentrated on the chin, which is close to a goat’s hair growth. Chinstraps are variation of the sideburns that refer to the beard that is grown along the hairline and extends to the jaw line.

Chinstrap beard became popular during the time of President Abraham Lincoln. Today, chinstrap beard is still in fashion as most sportsmen sport this style. If you are trying to grow a chinstrap beard, learn how to trim it properly to ensure that the growth will look pleasing.

  • You will need three tools to trim your chinstrap beard: a small pair of scissors, an electric trimmer and a razor. Make sure that all your tools are clean and without any rust to prevent infection on your face.
  • Electric trimmers come with instructions on how to use them. Depending on the brand that you purchased, the instructions may vary. Read from the box and learn how to use it properly. Use the trimmer to create an outline on your beard. Make sure that you face a big and well-lit mirror so that you can see your face clearly. Leave some hair on both the top and the bottom so that you can have a little extra in case you make a mistake.
  • Change the trimmer guard on a notch higher than your intended length. Start trimming your beard using the guard. Once you are satisfied with the outline, remove the guard and clean the edges. Using the trimmer guard that is of the intended length, give your beard another pass to finish off.
  • The scissors can be used to remove any stray hairs to keep up the style that you want to project. Razors are for cleaning the edges and to remove any stubble that may be missed by the trimmer.

Be very careful in handling your tools, as the tools can be sharp. Use appropriate shaving creams that will depend on your skin type. Before you use any new shaving product, perform a test patch to ensure that your face will not be irritated. Apply a small amount of the product onto your skin and allow it to stay for a few minutes. If no irritation seems to appear, you can continue using the product. Regularly groom your beard so that it will look fashionable rather than untidy.


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