How To Trim a Labradoodle

If you are looking for a cute dog, a labradoodle is a great choice. Labradoodle is a crossbreed between a full-grown Labrador retriever and a Poodle. A labradoodle can be bred to be a full-grown, such as the size of a Labrador, or a miniature sized, such as the size of a poodle.

Labradoodle is a good choice for people who have allergies against dog hair. More so, labradoodles are very adorable. Labradoodles require regular trimming to make their fur grow healthy and to prevent hair fall.

Your labradoodle should experience it’s first grooming on its seventh month. You can take your labradoodle to a pet groomer or you can opt to do the trimming on your own. You will need a wide-tooth dog brush, thinning shears, a pair of grooming scissors and a short blade shaver. Once you have all the tools that you need, then you are ready to give your labradoodle its first trimming.

  • Begin by brushing your labradoodle’s coat. Make sure you use a wide-tooth brush to prevent the hair to tangle up. If your dog’s coat is too thick, use the thinning shears to minimize the thickness. Use the brush and calculate how much hair you want to cut off.
  • Cut the hairs that are around your pet’s ear. Be careful not to accidentally cut through your pet’s ears. Use a shaver for the hairs that are on the underside of your pet’s ears. For a neater look, you can also trim the hair that grows on the outside of your pet’s ears.
  • If your labradoodle is male, you can allow your pet to have a beard-like hair around its muzzle. Let it grow longer but make sure you trim it occasionally to make the growth length equal.
  • Help your labradoodle see clearly by trimming its hair around the eyes. Most labradoodle owners keep the hair above the pet’s eyes longer than below. Work on the hair that grows around the lip area.
  • For your pet’s chest area, use your thinning shears to minimize the thickness. Paws should remain clean. Fur around the paws can cause dirt to accumulate, so make sure you regularly give your pet’s paws some trimming.
  • Finally, use the shaver for your pet’s hindquarters using the short bladed shaver. Use the scissors to cut the tail fur; again, you should be careful not to cut your dog’s skin. Leave some short hair on the tip of the tail.
  • Labradoodles are generally friendly pets, as such; you will not find it difficult to calm your pet. Make sure though that you provide occasional treats during the process to make the experience rewarding for your dog. If your labradoodle shows bad temper on your first attempt, try seeing a professional groomer.

When trimming your labradoodle’s hair, it’s best to secure your pet with a leash to minimize the chances of your pet running all over the place. Stay free from carpets, as you will find it difficult to vacuum hairs that stick with the carpet. Clean up the mess by sweeping the floor and disposing the hairs.


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