How To Trim a Wig

Many women own wigs. It’s a great way to change up your look or enhance your current head of hair. With a wig, you can be free to explore various hairstyles and color options without damaging your own hair strands.

When you purchase a wig, you may find that the length of the wig is too long for your tastes. If this is the case, you can simply trim the wig, just as you would real human hair. After all, many wigs today are actually made of human hair so it has the same movement and volume of real hair.

Here’s how to trim a wig.

  • Buy the best wig you can afford. To have a great head of hair, you need to start with the best wig possible. As much as possible, opt for wigs made of human hair instead of synthetic hair. It may be more expensive but it’s an investment well worth the price in the long run. Choose the desired hair color and style that best suits the shape of your face.
  • Put the wig on. If you need to get the wig trimmed, it’s best to get it done while you are wearing it. If you leave the wig on the mannequin stand, it may not fall on your face the same way. It’s best to put the wig on and trim as needed.
  • Assess how much you need to take off. Before you start lopping off your locks, you need to take a good look at how much you need to trim off. Ideally, don’t take off more than two to three inches. Otherwise, you may as well get a shorter wig. The less you have to cut, the better. Decide if you need to trim or create bangs as well. Keep in mind that you need to take into consideration the texture of the wig hair as well as the natural way it falls on your head.
  • Use a pair of hair cutting scissors to do the job. Use only hair cutting scissors to cut your hair or wig hair. If you use scissors used for other tasks, your scissors won’t be as sharp to create a sharp and good cut. You will also need a fine toothed comb to work through the wig.
  • Take of only a few inches at a time. Before you start, give the wig a good brushing. Use a wig brush instead of your regular hairbrush so as not to damage the wig. Section the hair as you would when cutting your own hair. Trim the wig in layers and take off only a few inches at a time. It’s better to cut less than to cut too much. If you don’t cut enough of the ends off, you can always compensate with the way you put on the wig, or style and blowdry the wig. If you cut off too much, you’ll have a wig that may look awkward on you.

If you’re not handy with the hairstyles and hair cutting, you may want to leave the trimming to the professionals. Take yourself to the salon and let your favorite stylist trim the wig. It will look for sophisticated and natural when the wig is cut well. See the difference in your overall look when you get your wig trimmed.


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