How To Trim Boxwood Hedges into Designs

You can tell a lot about people by the way they maintain their gardens. The amount of detail and care people put into their gardens and hedges reflects on the personality of the people themselves.

Making designs from your boxwood hedges not only adds a bit of character and personality to your yard but it also reveals your creative side. If you live in suburbia, making these boxwood hedges sculptures may be a way to differentiate your yard from your neighbors. Plants shaped into designs and shapes are called topiaries.

Below are a few suggestions and tips you may want to try when you’re clipping your boxwood hedges into creative and fun shapes and designs.

You’ll need the following items:

  • Garden shears
  • An imagination

  •  Season for snipping. The best time to start clipping would be when the boxwood leaves are just new to the hedge. Usually, early summer or late spring would be the ideal time to start shaping your topiary.
  • Pick out your design. For beginners, it’s advisable that you pick out simple shapes like spheres or half-circles as you don’t need to trim these shapes as precisely as you would more complex designs. The better you get at shaping your boxwood topiaries the more complex patterns you can make, like cute animal shapes. But for the purpose of this instruction, we’ll be shaping half-circle topiaries.
  • Determine the circumference of the half-circle. Put down fiberboard on any flat surface. You need to determine how big you want the half-circles by looking at how big your boxwood hedge is. Keep in mind that the larger your shape is the easier it is to trim. Put a tack into the middle of one edge of your fiberboard and tie a string on that tack. How long the string is will determine the circumference of your half-circle. Making sure the string is pulled taut, use a pencil to mark your fiberboard in a semi-circle. Cut out the half-circle from the fiberboard.
  • Create a trim guide. Stick in wood stakes in the half-circle fiberboard and this will serve as your guide as you trim and shape your boxwood topiary. Make sure the stakes are even and of the correct height.
  • Begin trimming. Begin trimming your topiary by starting at the sides of the hedge. Use your gardening shears to trim the sides flat.
  • Trim the top of the topiary. Push the stakes to the ground before the boxwood hedge topiary as close as you can to the trimmed side. Then use the fiber board to finish shaping the half-circle. Take the fiber board and use it as a guide to trim the top of your topiary.
  • Take care of your topiary. Water your boxwood topiary as necessary. You can also mulch it if there is a need and put in organic pesticides to keep away insects that could ruin your hard work and harm your boxwood hedge.

There you have it! A nice half-circle shape for your first topiary!  Get used to handling your hedge clippers because the more complex the shape is, the better control is needed to shape it.


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