How To Troubleshoot a Chevy S10 Truck

A pickup truck is a wonderful vehicle as it is versatile and utilitarian. It has the form factor that is very masculine, and it sends a message of being a cowboy, of being an adventurer, of someone who gets things done. This is because a pickup is usually used for chores like loading and loading goods that could range from small packages to big and heavy bulks like wood, metal, and even smaller vehicles like motorcycles and bikes.

A classic muscular pickup truck like a Chevrolet S10 is a great choice because the style, design, and form factor go a long way back. This means that you can easily upgrade your Chevy S10 pickup truck, or in case of problems, you can easily find spare parts. You can also easily find someone who knows how to repair a Chevy S10 in case you have to bring it in for repair. But having a Chevy S10 also means that it is easy to find tutorials and manuals that will enable you to do the repair yourself. Before you do any repairs though, you must first find the problem. To troubleshoot a Chevy S10, just follow the simple steps here:

  • In troubleshooting a Chevy S10, you first have to check for problems and check them one by one so you can eliminate them until you stumble upon what is causing the vehicle failure. Although you would not be doing any repairs yet, you still need to have some stuff ready: a set of basic tools, a battery charger, a flashlight, and a How-To or some manual.
  • Test the truck. Make sure it has gasoline or fuel. It can be that the fuel tank is just empty.
  • Start the truck. If it does not start and there is fuel, maybe the battery is depleted. Take the battery out and charge it. After charging the battery bring it back in and start the truck again.
  • If the truck is making funny noises, it can be any of the following: squealing sounds usually are brakes or serpentine fan belts that have worn out. Clunking noise would mean you have to replace the brakes.
  • Take your flashlight to check for leaks. A leak can be a particular sign of where the problem is. If it is an overheating problem, there might be a link in the cooling system. If there is a faulty transmission there will be red fluid. If gasoline, take extra care to have the leaks fixed.
  • Check the truck if it is not missing anything. Check for car oil, fluid and water. Check when was the last time you had the oil changed? Take note of these, as this might be helpful when you take in the truck for repair.

Lastly, the Chevy S10 has an engine computer that has stored codes. When you buy a Chevy S10 it comes with a device that stores codes so it can help you figure out the problem when it turns up. When you check for the stored engine computer codes a light will go up when there is a problem. You can go to a mechanical auto parts shop and have the computer scan the codes.


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