How To Troubleshoot a Cruzer Micro

Who would not agree that life has become so much easier with the advent of flash drives? With flash drives around, you do not even need to bring a laptop anywhere you go. You just have to bring the important files on your flash drive and plug it to a computer or laptop and you can work anywhere.

Sharing files have also been easier with the flash drive. Sharing and storing files have been more efficient, and the great thing about that is that micro flash capacities have increased while their physical form has become more compact. You can now wear your flash drives as necklace pendant, keychain, or a part of your accessories so you will not misplace them. Further, flash drives have also developed their own mini software that is why computers have no problem recognizing them. Some even have password protection features.

One popular flash drive is the SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive. The Cruzer Micro has a cutting edge design because it has a retractable USB connector. Usually flash drives have caps to protect the USB connector but the Cruzer Micro lets you slide the connector down to protect it and up to reveal it when you need it. It is very handy because you will no longer have to fear for misplacing the cap of your USB drive.

If you have problems with the Cruzer Micro, you can start troubleshooting by following the simple steps provided below:

  • Check computer specifications. Flash drives such as Cruzer Micro have minimum requirements. For example, they need recent operating systems to be able to function and be recognized. Earlier operating systems would not be able to detect them because they do not yet have the USB port specifications. Make sure that you have at the minimum Windows XP service pack 2, Windows 2000 service pack 4, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. If you are using Mac OS, make sure that the version you are using is not lower than 10.
  • Check the USB port. Make sure that the USB port is working. It could be that the USB port is faulty or loose, so try another USB port.
  • Check for Cruzer Micro. Make sure that the computer recognizes the Cruzer Micro. If it does not recognize the Cruzer Micro, try connecting the Cruzer Micro to a different computer. If it is recognized, then there is a problem with the computer.
  • Check the drivers. One reason that the Cruzer Micro is not recognized is because the computer’s drivers are not up to date. When the computer prompts you to download the drivers, click yes and install them.

Reinstall drive. Another possible reason for the Cruzer Micro not being recognized is the drive. The drive or USB port might not be functioning. Try to detect the USB port by checking the hardware of the computer. If it shows up, uninstall the USB port before reinstalling it. If it does not show up, install the USB port. When you have installed the USB port, you can try using your Cruzer Micro again.


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