How To Troubleshoot a Ford Remote Starter

It is winter and you don’t want to go into your car while it’s freezing cold, what do you do? You start your car from inside the house and wait until the heater has warmed the interior sufficiently. What will you do if you step out and find that the car did not start? Don’t panic. You don’t need to call a mechanic just yet. First, you need to check if the remote starter is functioning properly. The remote starter is the small device that allows you to start the car and open the doors from a distance and with no keys. This article will help you troubleshoot the typical problems of a Ford remote starter and do some minor repairs to address it.

  • Check if the problem is battery related. Maybe the car won’t start because it is not getting the signal that orders it to start. Try to recall when was the last time you changed the batteries in your remote starter. It will also help if you observe the range of the remote starter. If you noticed that it has decreased significantly before malfunctioning, it could be time to replace the batteries. Using an appropriately-sized flathead screwdriver, pry the halves of the fob apart. Using a plastic tweezers, take out the old battery and clean the battery compartment with a brush. Slot in the replacement battery. Make sure that you consult the remote starter’s manual to get the correct type of replacement battery. Put back anything that you had to remove and squeeze the two halves of the fobs until it snaps together.
  • Check the antenna wire. Sometimes, a damaged antenna can prevent your remote starter from opening the doors or starting the car. Go over the entire length of the wire and ensure that there are no breaks, kinks, or cuts. Check also if the wire is securely plugged into the corresponding slot. If you see any damages on the wiring, consult a mechanic about having it replaced.
  • If your car starts but then emits four beeps then shuts down, the problem could be with the tach setting. The tachometer signal tells the vehicle to disengage its starter once the vehicle has started. If there is a malfunction in this system, you may not be able to start your car using the remote. To reprogram its signal, just go to the driver’s seat and shut the door. Make sure that you buckle up so that you don’t hear the seatbelt chime. Insert the key in the ignition switch and twist it to the “On” position then to the “Off” position. Do this eight times in quick successions. Check if the doors unlocked and locked accordingly. Press any of the buttons found on your remote starter and check if the lock engages and disengages again. Switch off the ignition. Check if the remote starter is functioning properly again after twenty seconds.
  • Check the other wirings for any breaks and loose connections. If you are able to start your car and then hear two horn beeps before it shuts down, the problem could be in the wiring. Two beeps means that the hood is not closed properly or the brake is being held down. Check the wires for the hood switch and the brake for any damages. You should also check the wire for key sense.

If you have already checked all the wirings, reprogrammed the tach settings, and replaced the batteries in your remote starter and you are still encountering problems, it is time to bring the car to a Ford service center. Additionally, if you are unable to reprogram the remote on your own, you can either call the dealer or have the person who installed the remote start system check your vehicle.


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