How To Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Plymouth Voyager

The Plymouth Voyager is a minivan first manufactured by Chrysler Corporation in 1984, but was discontinued in 2000.

In most vans, not just in minivans, regardless of the model and make, the air conditioning system seems to be a common problem. Owners of a Plymouth Voyager may possibly experience the same issue as their vehicles are more than a decade old already.

If the air conditioning system of your Plymouth Voyager seem too hot or too cold compared to what you have set on the thermostat, consider doing a check yourself before bringing it to a mechanic. You will never know, maybe you can troubleshoot and fix it yourself.

To know how you can troubleshoot the air conditioning in a Plymouth Voyager, read and follow the steps below.

  • Start your vehicle. Insert the keys into the Plymouth Voyager ignition. Turn it on to start the engine. Make sure the transmission is in “Park” and that the hand-break is enabled. Let the engine run for 2 minutes.
  • Begin searching for the cause of the problem. Sit on the driver’s seat and look at the dashboard indicators. See if there are any warning lights on. If everything seems normal, including the temperature indicator, it is possible that the cause is a faulty fuse. Remain seated on the driver’s side and look at the left side of the steering wheel. There, you will notice a pane. Remove the cover and replace the fuse. The fuse for your Plymouth Voyager can be purchased in car parts stores or go to the nearest Chrysler service center.
  • If it is not the fuse, what should you check next? Turn the thermostat controls and observe if the vehicle responds to the change in setting. Usually, you will hear the air conditioning blower adjust according to how high or how low you have set the controls. If it is not responding, there may be some lose connection with the temperature controls. Using a screwdriver, remove all the screws of the board carefully. Keep the screws for later. Remove the connecting wires as well. The air conditioning controls of your Plymouth Voyager can be replaced by buying a new one from a car accessory store. Bring the old control panel with you to make sure it is a match. Most stores may not be selling parts specifically for you vehicle, so check if you can use parts from other vehicle models.
  • What to do if the blower is not working at all. You will need to replace the blower. To remove it, take out the negative cable of the battery first. After a few minutes, you can start to unscrew the bolts that mount the blower motor.

A lot of problems with the vehicle arise after more than 5 years of use. It is important to regularly check your Plymouth Voyager’s breaks and have oil change as well as inspect all the other parts of your minivan. If you cannot troubleshoot the issue yourself, bring it to an experienced and trusted mechanic and avoid making any changes to the vehicle yourself if you are unsure.


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