How To Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Honda Accord

Honda Accord is a mid-size family car produced by Honda. It has been introduced to the market as early as 1976. Since then, it has been known as one of the fastest selling vehicles in the market and several models of the series have been produced from then on.

This vehicle is popular for being dependable and known for giving comfort to the driver and passengers. But regardless of the good reviews from owners, there are some units that can have defects. This goes true for most of the Honda Accord units released in 2003.

If you happen to experience electrical problems with your Honda Accord, try to troubleshoot it yourself first before taking it to a mechanic. Read the instructions below to know how this can be done.

  • Insert your car key. Hop into the driver’s seat and place the key into the ignition. Turn it halfway without having the engine run. Observe the lights on the dashboard. The indicators and readings on your dashboard should light up. At the same time, the digital clock of your car radio should be displayed. If you do not see any of these, it is possible that your car has a faulty fuse. Get a screwdriver and open the fuse panel. Replace the old fuse with a new one. You can purchase replacement fuse in any car parts stores. Once the fuse has been replaced, replicate the steps done previously and see if there is any improvement.
  • Turn the engine on. Is there a delay or problem with starting the vehicle? The starter that is responsible for starting the engine can be faulty if the Honda Accord you are using is already old. But if your car is relatively new, check the connections to the battery and key switch. If need be, replace the starter with a new one.
  • Check the lights and wipers. For some old Honda Accord models, it is common to have electrical system problem exhibit in lights and wipers. If the lights of your vehicle do not turn off or if the wiper starts automatically, it is possible that there is a problem with the switching and connections. This can be very tricky especially since this may drain your car battery. On the other hand, if the lights do not turn on upon switching, they probably need to be replaced.
  • Inspect newly installed electronic devices. If you have just installed a navigational system or an anti-theft alarm to your vehicle, chances are you or the mechanic who made the installation accidentally caused the electrical problem. Check if all of the connections are correct and secured. Whenever you alter the electrical system, test all of the components and not just the new addition. Turn on the lights, radio, wiper, and signal lights as well.

Especially for Honda Accord units more than 3 years old, have them checked by a trusted mechanic regularly to avoid any further problems. And since Honda Accord is a popular car model, almost all car part stores have available parts for your vehicle in case they need replacement.


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