How To Understand the Five Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

In animals, dogs are one of the most lovable because they are domestic and intelligent. Average dogs can count up to 5. They can also comprehend roughly 165 words. However, some dogs are more brilliant than others, like their vocabulary can be up to 250 words.

Dog experts have made a list of the most intelligent dog breeds. This article will help you understand the top 5 of them. The dogs in this list stand out from the rest as most survey state. Below are guides to help you understand the five most intelligent dog breeds:

  • Doberman Pinscher. It is widely known for being an intelligent dog. Moreover, it is also assertive, fearless, and loyal. It’s natural for this breed to become dominant but it’s loyal to its owners. It is usually trained to become a house-guard because it has the size that can dispel ill-minded people. It can also be trained as a hospital therapy dog.
  • Golden Retriever. It is considered to be one of the most famous breeds because it is gentle, affectionate, and loyal. It can be easily pleased and it can easily give pleasure to people and animals as well. Its more-than-average brilliance, enormous patience, and enthusiasm to please its owners make it win in performing tricks and obedience competitions in dog shows. It can also be used as a service dog because it can be trained easily.
  • German Shepherd. It is always known as an intelligent dog. Its courage and instinct to protect are remarkable and these traits make it an effective guard dog. Its happiness lies in doing its job on protecting its owners, which makes it an effective search dog and police dog. Although intelligent, it can become depressed and bored if not frequently challenged and occupied.
  • Standard Poodle. It is one of the best trainable breeds. It loves being with people. Its physical size and appearance make it lovable. It is a happy dog yet it doesn’t want to be alone. The most underrated quality of the poodle is that it can be trained as hunting dog and guard dog.
  • Border Collie. This breed is on the top of most intelligent dog breeds list. Like other smart dog breeds, it is cheerful when it has something to do. It craves for praise, company, and lots of exercise. It often leads in competitions in agility, obedience, and sheepdog trials.

Besides the mentioned above, other intelligent dog breeds to consider are Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever, Papillon, Rottweiler, and Australian Cattle Dog.

Also consider training excellent working dogs like Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Miniature Schnauzer, English Springer Spaniel, Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, Schipperke, Belgian Sheepdog, Collie, and Keeshond. They are also brilliant dogs because they are hard working. They can understand new commands in five to fifteen repetitions. Most of them can follow a command during the first or second attempt.

Remember that a dog’s intelligence will be based on how the pet is treated and trained by its breeder. So be careful when buying a puppy. Ensure that it’s from a good breed and from a reputable breeder. To be sure, ask for certificates and receipts when buying a puppy.


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