How To Unlock a T-Mobile myTouch

Nowadays, the number of brands and models of mobile phones available will overwhelm you. The features that they offer to users appear to be limitless as well. Some features and alteration options have been locked by manufacturers and service providers. One of the most common locks being implemented is related to the SIM card that can be used together with a specific mobile phone. A service provider could lock a phone so that the owner will not be able to use this particular phone if he wishes to switch services. No problem for loyal subscribers, right? However, if you are no longer satisfied with the service or if you wish to move to an area not being serviced by that provider, your mobile phone will be rendered useless. One specific telecommunications company that practices this is T-Mobile. If you own a myTouch phone and wish to have it unlocked, just follow these simple steps.

  • Make sure that your account with T-Mobile is in good standing. In order to have your mobile phone unlocked with authorization, make sure that you have no outstanding balance and have paid on time for 90 days at the very least.
  • Get your mobile phone’s IMEI number. In order for the T-Mobile technical support representative to provide you with a code that will unlock your phone, you need to supply him with the unique serial number assigned to your mobile phone. You will need to switch on your phone and key in *#06#. A series of number will be displayed on your phone’s screen. Copy this down accurately.
  • Call the T-Mobile hotline and inform the operator what transaction you want to conduct. From any landline phone, dial 1-800-937-8997. This is the Customer Care number of T-Mobile. Follow the message prompts to be able to talk to a Technical Support representative who will walk you through the unlocking process. Inform the person on the line about your reasons for wanting the phone unlocked like you are going abroad. Have your account details ready, as the representative will ask for these in order to verify the account. The representative will also ask for your phone’s IMEI number and your personal email address. Remember to give them a working account, as the code you will need to unlock your phone will be sent via an electronic email to the address that you have provided.
  • Key in the unlock code when your phone prompts you. You need to wait for T-Mobile’s email within 1-3 days. This email will contain the instructions how to unlock the phone. It is important to remember that this code will only work on the specific phone and should not be used for others. Switch off your phone and remove the SIM card that you are currently using. Insert the new SIM card and switch your mobile phone on. Once the phone has detected the SIM, it will prompt you to key in the unlock code. Punch in the code from the email.  

If you have followed the instructions and have keyed in the correct code but failed to unlock your myTouch, don’t attempt to enter the code again. T-Mobile will detect this and assume that your account id being hacked. Immediately call the T-Mobile hotline and talk to a technical support representative.


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