How To Unlock a Verizon Cell Phone

Locking your phone is a great security measure to take to prevent its use and misuse should the phone get misplaced or stolen. This will mean that whoever has your locked phone will no longer be able to use it to send text messages or make outgoing calls. However, it should still be able to receive incoming calls as well as make emergency calls to 911. The real problem arises when you accidentally lock your phone and you can’t remember the steps to take in order to unlock the unit. This article will guide you in unlocking your Verizon mobile phone.

  • Go to the appropriate menu on your mobile phone. Find the button in the middle that says “OK”. Press this button and wait for the task menu to load. You will notice that an icon is highlighted. Press the right arrow two times to go from the contacts icon to tools menu. Once the Tools icon is highlighted, press the “OK” key.
  • Once you are at the Tools menu, access the Security settings of your phone. When the Tools menu loads, go to the 6th item, this will be the icon for the Phone Settings. Go to the selection labeled “Security”, press the “OK” key and wait for the menu to load. If this is the first time that you will access this menu, the code should be the last 4 digits of the mobile number that is assigned to you by Verizon. If you have previously changed the security code, key this in.
  • Change the security settings and restrictions. After entering the security code, you will be able to access the menu allowing you to make changes in your mobile phone’s security settings. It is also on this menu that you can activate or deactivate your mobile phone’s lock.
  • To disable the Verizon mobile phone’s SIM lock, go to the service provider’s website. To be able to use your Verizon phone with another SIM card, you will need to have the phone unlocked by their customer service representative. Go to verizon wireless and move the mouse pointer over the tab for “Support”. You will see a heading that reads “Get Help for”. If you click on this, the screen will show an array of different devices offered and supported by Verizon. Find the brand and model of the phone that you want to unlock and click on its picture. Once you select this, a new window will load. On the right part of the screen, you will see a link for activating the device. Log into your Verizon account and then enter your account details together with the serial number of the phone. You can also call Verizon’s Customer Service hotline. Inform them that you just received your new mobile phone and would like to activate it.

If you have an existing Inpulse Verizon mobile phone that has already been activated, you will need to wait for six months before you can have it unlocked. The service provider will also require you to pay a one-time activation fee for this mobile phone unit. After this, you will be able to use the phone with another SIM card from another service provider.


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