How To Untangle Necklaces

There are different kinds of necklaces. Necklaces such as pearl, chain and bead necklaces finish one’s look. There are also string necklaces with pendants. Not only do they add color, but they also make a person look more sophisticated.

There are multiple ways to store necklaces. People often put all their necklaces in a jewelry box. This is a simple way to store it however necklaces usually get tangled if stored in one box. It becomes a hassle especially when you are in a hurry.

Here’s a way to untangle necklaces.

  • Gather the things you need. To be able to untangle necklaces, you will need straight pins, a flat surface and vegetable or baby oil. You can choose to work on a table. Remember however that you may need to pin the knots on the flat surface. You can purchase straight pins in art and craft stores or tailor shops. If you do not have straight pins, you can use toothpicks instead. You will also need a glass bottle to unroll twists easily. You don’t need to buy a glass bottle. You can choose to recycle empty glass bottles.
  • Observe the kind of necklace you have and the knot. Put the tangled necklace on the flat surface and observe the knot. String and chain necklaces are easier to untangle compared to beaded necklaces. Pearl necklaces need to be handled with care. They are the hardest to untangle.
  • Gently untangle the knot. If the knot is easy to untangle, gently remove the knot with your hands. If the knot is a little tight, you can use your nails, straight pins or toothpicks to remove the knots. Be very careful when untangling beaded necklaces. Strings of beaded necklaces are usually very thin and very delicate. Do not force the knot to untangle. Work your way from the outermost knot. If the tangles are twisted, untwist the strands by putting it on cloth or a soft surface. Roll a glass bottle over it. You can use your hands once the knots are looser.
  • Drop vegetable oil on the knot. If the knot is very tight, you can drop vegetable oil on the knot. This will loosen very tight knots. Using a straight pin, pierce through the knot. Look for the outermost knot. Loosen the knot with the straight pin. If the knot of the necklace looks complicated, you can loosen parts one at a time. You can also use baby oil to loosen the knots.

Untangling necklaces takes time. Be patient. Never ever force a knot to become loose.

Properly store your necklaces to avoid getting tangles. You can choose to put each necklace in individual ziplock bags before putting all of them in your jewelry box. This will not however prevent tangles. It will only prevent multiple necklaces from getting tangled to one another. You can also choose to hang your necklaces. They may still get tangled, but the tangles are simpler to undo. The best way to prevent tangles is to hang each necklace on individual hooks. You can buy a small painting canvass and hang small hooks.


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