How To Update your Wardrobe Inexpensively

Every season, there are new trends and styles to look out for. While it’s impossible to buy every single new hot trendy item from the runway, you can still manage to look stylish and chic if you know what to do. You can update your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Clear out your closet. When you are ready to update your wardrobe, you need to make space for it. Open your closet and sort your stuff. Take away anything that doesn’t fit you, is outdated or is ugly. If you don’t look or feel great in it, get rid of it. Donate it to someone else or sell it, but you need to make room for your fabulous new stuff. Leave only your basic key pieces and items that you truly love.
  • Make sure you have the basics. When you clear out your closet, you need to leave behind some items you can still work with. This means a dark wash pair of jeans, a plain white and black shirt, a blazer, a trench coat, a little black dress, a work pant and a basic white blouse. If you have these key pieces, you can build an entire wardrobe around this buy purchasing a few trendy items you can mix and match it with.
  • Know your body. You need to shop for things that will look fabulous on you. Know your body type so you can shop for the right cuts and pieces that will flatter your frame. There are some books that you can use to help you determine your body shape and so you know what styles will work best for you. A piece will look great on you even if it’s cheap if it fits you great and flatters your body.
  • Check out the new styles. So you know what to buy, check out the fashion magazines and see what’s in style. Look at what the celebs are wearing. Get inspired and determine what particular look or style you are drawn to. Go to affordable retailers such as Fashion 21, Gap and H&M to find great styles at affordable prices.
  • Get a new pair of shoes. Want a quick way to spruce up your look? But a pair of in style shoes. Wear the trend on your feet and instantly look fashionable without spending a lot of money.
  • Use accessories to complete the look. With the right jewelry, purse and other accessories, your basic wardrobe can look hip and fresh. Choose items carefully keeping your proportions in mind. You can dress down or dress up clothes using only accessories.

When you update your wardrobe, don’t make it so different that your personality is gone. Your style essence and personality should still be seen in the new clothes you wear, only that you look fresher, younger and more sophisticated. Looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re smart about your fashion choices, your pieces will carry you through from season to season with only a few minimal tweaks here and there.


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