How To Upgrade Your Blackberry Pearl 8100 OS Software

Research in Motion is one of those companies that has somewhat revolutionized how people use mobile phones through the Blackberry, the product line that introduced a pocket PC mobile phone built with a QWERTY keyboard.  The operating system this line uses is proprietary which only Research in Motion can call its own.  And, since the company prides itself in excellence, it constantly releases updates on the OS responsible in making the Blackberry the mobile device of choice for businesses and professionals.  

The Blackberry Pearl 8100 is one of the products that Research in Motion prides itself with.  Today, you will learn how to update and upgrade the default operating system on it when you bought it.  This upgrade will allow the device to perform so much better, maximizing its true potential.

  • Install the Desktop Manager.  If you have recently purchased the device, the first thing that you should do is to install the Desktop Management software that came with it.  You just simply pop in the installation CD and run the wizard.  If you do not have the CD or if the Desktop Manager is outdated, you should consider visiting the official Blackberry website to download the latest copy.  
  • Once the download concludes, double-click on the application file to run the installation wizard.  The installation is quick, painless, and easy.  This software will allow you to connect your Blackberry to the computer with the objective of transferring and syncing data seamlessly.  It will also allow you to perform an OS update or upgrade easily.
  • Save your data.  During the course of the OS upgrade, it is possible that problems may occur and the existing data in your Blackberry may get wiped out or compromised.  That said it would be wise to save and back up the data on the device first before proceeding with the upgrade.  Just save the data in the PC hard drive for now.
  • Download the OS upgrade.  While you are backing up your files, you might as well search and download for the latest Blackberry OS upgrade for the Blackberry Pearl 8100.  To do that, visit this link and execute the download.  When the download finishes, install the upgrade on your computer.
  • Install the upgrade.  With the preparations properly in place, run the Desktop Management software and connect your Blackberry to the PC.  The software should detect the device easily.  At that point, a notification will pop up asking you if you want to proceed with the OS upgrade.  Select to upgrade and prepare for a long wait.  The process may take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on how much data is currently stored on the device.  It is important to practice extreme patience during the upgrade, as any interruption will result in the corrupting of the data and operating system in the device.  Be patient as everything will be complete given time.

Once the upgrade is complete, a notification message will pop up confirming the upgrade. You can now eject your Blackberry to check the data and if the upgrade was worth it.  If you should encounter any problem during the upgrade, consider reading up on the Blackberry forums found here.


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