How To Upgrade your Home Easily and Cheaply this Summer

The collapse of the American economic system, which has also affected many other countries, has hit many households hard, forcing many of them to tighten their belts.  And, because of this, many homeowners have put home renovations and upgrading plans on hold for the time being since the costs are just not worth it even if their houses badly need improvements.  Well, the truth is that it is still possible to work on upgrading your house amidst economic uncertainty provided that you are privy to a number of tips that will lower or even eliminate all the estimated costs that come with such an upgrade.  That said, this summer can be a time for home upgrading projects through these cost-effective strategies.

  • Know what your home needs.  Going off to war without a battle plan is how most armies lose the war.  The same logic can be applied with home renovation and improvements.  It is imperative that you know the objective.  Hence, you should know what you want to upgrade or improve inside or outside your house.  Once you are able to determine your objective, you can now start to draft your plans for the upgrade.  To start the planning, take a few snapshots of the area to be upgraded or renovated.  Make sure to get it at different angles.  If you plan to improve multiple areas, then make sure to take shots of those particular areas as well.  These photos will become essential in planning the improvement or upgrade.  They will also help you in determining the materials you need.
  • Take some estimates.  In some cases, home upgrades may not really cost too much, though you might think they would.  This is why after drafting the plans; you should do a little investigating.  Go online and check the average prices of the materials needed.  You may consider visiting the local hardware and home supply stores to get cost-estimates as well.  With regards to labor, consider requesting quotes from at least 2 to 3 contractors.  These estimates will help determine how much your budget will be and how much you are realistically willing to dole out for the upgrade.
  • Consider doing it yourself.  Technically, not all home upgrades will require specialists and contractors.  If the planned upgrade or improvement is simple enough, think about doing it yourself or with a couple of friends.  For instance, retiling a bathroom may be a tough job but you can still manage it.  Now, if you do not know the first thing about some of the upgrades or improvement, then you can always do some research online.  There are a number of videos and articles that can help you accomplish any home improvement job.  Of course, if the improvement or upgrade requires construction, plumbing, electrical wiring, and the like, you might be better off hiring a contractor to do it for you.

Finally, since you are trying to save money, consider purchasing some of the materials needed from other sources.  For instance, say you plan to change the theme of a bedroom by changing the wallpaper, bed sheets, carpets, and the like.  Know that some of the materials can be cheaper if you buy it wholesale.  This works if you need a lot.  Alternatively, think about buying second-hand items.  There are a number of garage sales and thrift shops that sell home stuff that are still in good condition and priced way low.  Flea markets are great places to look for new furniture as well.


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