How To Upholster in Velvet

Velvet makes furniture look more sophisticated. It adds style and class. Like any other fabric, velvet is easy to upholster.

Here’s a simple and easy way to upholster in velvet.

  • Gather the necessary materials. You will need a measuring tape, staple gun, staple wires, hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and velvet cloth. These materials are available in hardware stores. You can buy your velvet cloth in fabric stores. You can choose from a variety of colors. Make sure you buy a lot of cloth. It is better to have extra cloth. You can use the extra cloth to make pillow covers or curtains. Make sure the velvet is exclusively for upholstery. Other types of velvet cannot be used for upholstery. Ask the sales clerk if the velvet is machine washable and dried in low heat. If it is, then the velvet can be used for upholstery. There are also different types of velvet according to weight. Choose the medium weight velvet. It is the easier to upholster than heavy weight velvet.
  • Measure the furniture you want your velvet to be upholstered. If you are upholstering an entire couch, measure each part separately. Take note of the measurements. You may want to plot your measurements on brown paper. This will be your guide when you cut out your fabric.
  • If you are reupholstering your furniture, remove the fabric. Gently remove the nails or staple wires. The fabric will serve as your guide when cutting your velvet.
  • Cut the velvet. If you have a sketch of the parts, you can put it on your velvet and use it as a stencil. Make sure you leave an allowance when you cut out the velvet. When you are reupholstering, use the fabric you removed as your stencil.
  • Upholstering. You ask for help when attaching the velvet. If you are upholstering by yourself, attach the velvet securely on one side. Pull the velvet to the other side. Make sure there are no sags. As you pull, attach the velvet to your furniture. Use the staple gun to attach the velvet. You will need to secure the staple wires using the hammer. If someone’s going to help you, ask the person to hold the velvet securely on the furniture. This way, if you make a mistake, you can adjust the other end. If you don’t have a staple gun, you can use a hammer and nails instead. If you are permanently upholstering velvet on your furniture, make sure the velvet is taut. Do not however, over stretch the velvet.
  • Spray the velvet with special velvet solution. This step is optional. You can choose to spray the velvet with special solution. Special velvet solutions are available in fabric stores. This helps preserve the velvet. It also makes cleaning easier.

Remember to buy more velvet fabric. Use the extra velvet cloth to make pillow covers. Since velvet can be washed, you can remove the upholstery to wash the velvet cover. Do not force the staple wires off. Remove them gently by using a sharp knife to lift them out.


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