How To Upload to Canon SD600

Among the top selling digital cameras in the Canon lineup today is the Canon Powershot SD600. This six-megapixel toy for shutterbugs goes beyond the traditional ability to copy high definition photos to the computer but likewise allows for the transfer of photos the other way around- from the computer to your camera. What’s more is that the photos that may be uploaded to SD600 need not be taken with this camera yet may be uploaded on the SD600 for editing or slideshow viewing. Here’s how to upload photos to the Canon SD600.

  • Connect the camera to the computer. Turn the camera on by pressing the tiny power button, which can be found at the right side at the top part of the camera. Plug the SD600 USB cable into the USB slot at the bottom of the camera and plug the other end to the USB drive of the computer. This USB cable should come with your camera upon purchase; otherwise, you may buy the cable separately.
  • Upload photos from the computer to the camera. Wait for the camera interface to pop up then hit the “Upload” button found at the left corner of the home screen. Once you get to the upload page, click on the “Browse” button and select the photos you wish to transfer from the computer to the camera. Select the file by clicking on it then hit the “Open” button, then click on “Upload” and wait patiently for the photos to transfer. You may then close the SD600 interface once the upload is complete, unplug the camera from the computer and view the newly-uploaded pictures on the camera.
  • Upload to the Canon camera SD card. You may also transfer photos from the computer or other cameras through the Canon SD600 SD card. Insert the SD card into the SD600 and connect the camera to the computer via the USB cable. Turn on the camera. Next, access the SD card from “My Computer” for Windows or from the desktop for Mac OS X users then select, drag, and drop the photos you want to transfer to the SD card. Make sure you properly eject the card before physically removing it to keep the data on the card from being corrupted. You may safely eject the SD card by right-clicking the drive’s icon and choosing “Eject” or, for Mac users, drag the icon of the disk to the trash.

To facilitate faster photo transfer and to avoid draining your camera battery during upload, you may opt to use a USB card reader or a computer’s built-in card reader. Keep in mind, however, that the Canon SD600 comes only with a 16MB memory card, which may not be enough to store all the photos and videos you take. You may want to get a bigger memory card, the 2GB ones at the very least, especially since the cost of memory cards has already gone down.

Should you encounter a problem wherein the LCD screen says "Card Locked," this denotes that the SD card is on “Write Protect” mode therefore you will not be able to save pictures to it. To address this, remove the card from its slot; gently slide the small tab on the card against the locked position. Then place the SC memory card into the camera again to see if it works.


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