How To Use a Blue Color Scheme for Country Style

When decorating your home, one of the most popular themes or styles to choose is country. It’s warm, inviting and easy to do. It’s perfect for many American homes because of the style’s comfortable and universal appeal.

It’s important to use color properly when decorating. For example, you can use a blue color scheme when decorating your space with a country style. Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Use blue paint on the walls. The easiest way to incorporate color in a space is to paint the walls. There are many shades of blue, but the soft muted tones such as cornflower blue or sky blue are most often found in country style spaces. To have a bit of contrast, blue works great with a bright white wainscoting on the walls.
  • Use blue linens. To spice up any space with the color blue, you can use fabric. In the bedroom, use a denim-colored bed sheet and comforter. In the bathroom, opt for blue towels, blue shower curtains and a matching blue bathroom rug in the same tones or shade. In the dining room, use a blue tablecloth with matching table napkins. When decorating the living room, you can use the color blue by having either a blue colored sofa, or blue throw pillows and curtains. The great thing about using fabric to introduce color is that you can easily change and clean it.
  • Have a contrast color. Break up the monotony of the color blue by using a second contrasting color. For example, blue looks simply beautiful with white. If you are decorating a boy’s bedroom, why not go with red, white and blue? Having your predominant color as blue will be further accented by another color.
  • Use blue as an accent color. If you want to use the color blue in a more subtle way, you can use blue not as the predominant color, but as the hint of color in the space. For example, you can have yellow as your main color palette, but accent a room with blue throw pillows or a blue vase. Place some bright fresh cut flowers in a royal blue vase. In the dining room, use white china accented with blue designs or patterns. You can also use blue colored stemware. In a white or yellow kitchen, you can add some color buy using blue pots and pans, as well as navy blue kitchen towels.
  • Use country style furniture to keep the theme. To keep the theme in mind, your furniture pieces must be in the country style. Use wicker furniture, or pieces made of light colored wood. Keep the angles soft and the edges rounded.

It’s very easy to decorate with a country style approach when beautifying your space. You can easily use the theme in any room in your home, be it in your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. When using the color blue in your country style approach, you’ll be able to create a space that is warm, comfortable, relaxing and beautiful.


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