How To Use a Buttoneer

A Butoneer is a handy gadget to have. It saves you the trouble of having to sew buttons onto your clothing by simply using this gun like device. It’s small, compact and weighs next to nothing, making it a portable tool to carry around. Instead of using a plain old needle and thread to sew buttons, simply use the buttoner to fasten that button onto the fabric in no time.

Here’s how to use a Butoneer.

  • Purchase a Butoneer. You can buy the Butoneer from TV home shopping networks. You can also find this nifty gadget in sewing supply stores as well as pharmacies such as Rite Aid and Walgreens. You may even get lucky and find it at a local Walmart or a garage sale. A Butoneer sells between $8 to about $13 so it’s very affordable. While at the store, you should consider getting a refill of the fasteners. A pack of about 50 fasteners is included in the package, but you’ll want to have more on hand for future use, or if you have a lot of sewing projects that you need to get done.
  • Read the instructions. It’s not that easy to figure out how to use the contraption based on its appearance, so it’s advisable that you read the manual carefully. Once you have a basic understanding of how the product works, you can get started. You may want to do some practice runs on some scraps if it’s your first time to use the fabric.
  • Get the garment and button you want to sew. Now that you have an idea what to do, you need to bring out the item that needs to have the button sewed on. The Butoneer claims to work safely on a variety of fabrics. Get the button that you need to fasten on to the fabric. Position the button as if you will sew it on the fabric.
  • Place the plastic fastener in the slot and secure it. Get the Butoneer by getting a fastener. Next, insert the fastener in the allotted slot. To secure it in place, pull on the plunger. You will know you have done it properly when you hear a soft clicking sound. This lets you know that the Butoneer is ready to use since the fastener is ready to be dispensed.
  • Position the button on the fabric. Carefully hold the fabric with the button you want to sew on. Next, point the Butoneer on the fabric and button in such a way that the two needles on the tip of the Butoneer are directly over the buttonholes.
  • Place the needles in the buttonholes. Be careful when doing this step. You don’t want to prematurely pull the plunger unless you are certain that the button is positioned properly. Check that the orientation of the buttons is correct.
  • Pull the plunger. When you are certain of the position of the button, go ahead and pull the trigger. You should hear a snapping sound. You’ll see that the fastener is now on the button and the button is securely held on to the fabric. If you have a four-hole button, repeat the process to secure it.

If you like to sew clothes or you find that many of your buttons easy comes off, a Butoneer is a good product to have around the house. It’s fairly simple to use and the product really works. Once you get used to using a Butoneer, you may never reach for a needle and thread to sew a button back on a piece of clothing again.


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