How To Use a Cell Phone in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands is part of Great Britain’s overseas territory, which can be found in the Caribbean Sea. It is composed of three islands namely Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. If you are planning to go on a vacation, visiting Cayman Islands is a perfect idea. It takes pride in the Seven Mile Beach, where a great number of resorts and hotels are located. Some of the island’s historical sites include the Castle of Pedro Saint James and also Sister Islands. There is a lot you can do in Cayman Islands, including scuba diving and snorkeling. Before you finalize your plans of going to this vacation spot, see to it that you can use your mobile phone in emergency cases.

Prepare your plug adaptor, transformer, and your list of significant phone numbers, and make sure to follow this guide:

  • Secure the proper plug. Before heading to Cayman Islands, see to it that you have secured the proper plug for your mobile phone. This is easy since Cayman Islands actually uses similar plugs used in United States. If your phone’s charger has another plug type, then you have to buy plug adaptor “A" and plug adaptor “B” from any electronics shop.
  • Prepare 120-volts transformer. The voltage that is used in Cayman Islands is 120 volts. To be able to charge your phone, you should have with you a transformer, which can take on 120 volts. There is a danger of your phone shorting out if you use a transformer with lower voltage capacity.
  • Coordinate with your phone provider. Before you leave home, you should call your mobile phone provider to see to it that it has coverage in Cayman Islands. Check also if you can avail of an upgrade into international roaming. If your phone provider does not have coverage in the island, consider renting a SIM card or another phone to be used with your own phone.
  • Know how to dial locally. You just have to directly dial the number you are calling, since Cayman Islands do not have area codes.
  • Call to United States. You should know how to make a call to U.S. from Cayman Islands. Simply dial “011” plus “1”, and then key in area code plus phone number.

Now you are ready to roam around Cayman Islands. You are worry-free once you know how to make calls in the island using your mobile phone. It is important most of all that you have with you the numbers that you must call in case of emergencies. Do not panic if you encounter any difficulties, there are a lot of establishments in Cayman Islands that you can ask for directions of important locations. Be sure also to get your hotel’s phone number so that in case you have some problem, you can just call them using your phone wherever you are to extend assistance to you. Whether you are visiting Cayman Islands for business or pleasure, you are sure to enjoy its beautiful spots and majestic sights. You trip will be more enjoyable if you are equipped with a well-functioning mobile phone plus adequate knowledge on how to use it during your stay in the islands.


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