How To Use a Conventional Corkscrew Opener for a Wine Bottle

Although corkscrews have been around for a very long time now, not too many people know how to use them properly. Wine bottles come with a cork serving as a protective covering, which may be a tricky business to remove. This is where the corkscrew comes in as a handy tool to successfully pull out the cork from the wine bottle. If you know how, the corkscrew can work quite well for you. It is also a very portable device, which you can store or take along with you anywhere. However, it is not as easy to use especially for novices since a certain technique is required to position it dead center on the cork, and needs an amount of force to be exerted in order to be able to extract the cork. Here’s how you can use it to efficiently open up your wine bottle.

  • Removing the wine bottle’s seals. The first thing to do with your wine bottle is remove the foil covering that serves as the bottle’s outer seal. You can either use a blade or a small knife to through it. A single slit made along one side of the foil should be enough to remove it from the bottle. The wine will also have a seal that covers the cork, which could easily be peeled away from the bottle.
  • Positioning your corkscrew properly. Place the entire corkscrew in a position that situates it at the exact center of the cork on the wine bottle. Place the palm of your hand flat over the corkscrew and thrust it downwards with a certain amount of force while rotating it in a clockwise motion, continuously screwing it in until your corkscrew is almost completely inside the cork. Remember that your corkscrew must be positioned vertically as you rotate it downwards. Also make sure that it is not pushed down too far within the cork that it would break into little pieces and fall into your wine bottle.
  • Pulling out the cork. To be able to extract the cork from the bottle, you will need to anchor it securely to the surface of the bottle. Now steadily pull it upwards while applying some force, but with slow even movements, until you see most of the cork out from the bottle. With one circular motion, pull up the corkscrew and move it to the outer direction, going towards you. This will effectively remove the cork from the wine bottle.

In case you have some left-over wine, which you will want to reserve for next time, it would be a good idea to hold on to the cork you removed so that you are able to cover your bottle again. Although it cannot be completely inserted as before, screwing it in and keeping it securely attached to your bottle is good enough to be able to keep your wine safely covered until you need to open it again. You may also want to make use of plastic corks that you can easily purchase in wine stores to replace your used cork. They are an inexpensive option that does as well as your wine bottle’s original cork.


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