How To Use a Doughnut Ring to Make a Hair Bun

One of the most versatile hairstyles that women with long hair can wear is the bun. With every strand of hair tucked neatly into place, it carries with it a kind of elegance and grace when worn in more formal settings. For everyday wear, the hair bun is quite ideal too. This is because it is so easy to do and does not require a lot of time to complete. It also keeps hair looking nice and tidy, and the face free from stray hairs that can be both unattractive and annoying.

Whenever the urge hits you to let your hair down loose, you can flaunt your long tresses. If you want to have the feeling of having shorter hair, you can fix up your hair in a bun and carry a different look altogether. There are several ways you can go about creating a hair bun, one of them with the use of a doughnut ring. This simple accessory makes it even less of a task to make the perfect hair bun. Here’s how to use it.

  • Choose a hair doughnut ring that closely matches your hair color. If you want your bun to look as perfectly natural as possible, look for a doughnut ring that is as close as possible to your specific hair color. These hair rings offer a good selection, ranging from browns, blacks, and blonde hues to suit your hair coloring. Aside from that, remember to get the right sized ring for your hair, depending on its fullness. Thicker and longer strands of hair will require a ring with a larger diameter to be able to hold of them in place.
  • Make a ponytail. If your hair has been newly washed and shampooed, it could be a little trickier to arrange as opposed to unwashed hair. This is because oil present in the hair before washing keeps the hair in place and much easier to handle. If not, use hairspray to keep your hair where you want it to be while fixing it. Brush through the hair and remove any tangles or knots it may have until it is neat and smooth. Spray on it with some of your hair spray so that any loose strands can be smoothened down too. You may part it in any way you wish. Once you have gathered your tresses in a bunch, secure it with a ponytail holder, or a rubber band, if you do not have one.
  • Use the hair doughnut ring. When your ponytail is securely in place and you are happy with how your hair looks, open your hair doughnut ring, wrapping it around over your ponytail, and giving it the appearance of a much bigger ponytail holder. Now get a hold of a portion of your hair, pulling it towards the top area of the hair doughnut ring, making sure that it is able to cover that section of the ring completely. Make use of hairpins to fasten your hair onto the opposite side of the hair ring securely. Keep going through the same process until you have successfully covered up every inch of the hair ring.
  • Finish up. The last step involves wrapping up all of the rest of your hair strands underneath the hair bun, using your hairpins again to attach them securely. Use your hairspray so the hair stays there.

The hair donut is a very practical accessory to have if you need a little extra help in creating a pretty hair bun in even a lot less time.


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