How To Use a Fingernail Cuticle Pusher for Manicuring

Have you thought of doing your own manicure? Well, it is not exactly a bad idea. In fact, it can even turn out to be truly advantageous. Of course, you have to master the specific steps involved so you don’t end up damaging your fingernails or hurting yourself.

If you wish to groom your fingernails better, you should learn how to pushback your cuticles. Why? The process can certainly help in letting your fingernails look longer. In other words, pushing back your cuticles is a very important step in doing your own manicure. You have to be adept in handling a fingernail cuticle pusher. Here are the steps for you:

  • Check out your fingernail cuticles. Are they thick? If your answer is “yes”, bring out your cuticle oil. You should apply it to your fingernails before you begin using your fingernail cuticle pusher. It can easily soften your fingernail cuticles. When that happens, you are not going to experience any difficulty in maneuvering or handling your fingernail cuticle pusher during your manicure process. On the other hand, if your answer is “no”, simply proceed to the next step.
  • Hold your fingernail cuticle pusher as you prepare to work on your first fingernail. Obviously, you should use it in pushing back your fingernail’s cuticle. It has a flat end. Use that part. Be very gentle. Don’t hurry. Never push too fast. Target all the cuticles of your fingernails. Push them back whether you find them on the sides or at the base of your fingernails.
  • You should never attempt to push down on your cuticles while handling your fingernail cuticle pusher. You are going to regret it. It can greatly damage your fingernail’s root. Also, note that your fingernail cuticle pusher can be made of metal or stick. If you wish to use the metal type, wash it after doing your manicure. Meanwhile, the stick type should be replaced. Otherwise, it can quickly invite germ build up.
  • After you have finished pushing back the cuticles of your first fingernail, go to the next one. Do the same for the rest of your fingernails.
  • Did you finish pushing back the cuticles of all your fingernails? Then, you should congratulate yourself, especially of you didn’t end up hurting any of your fingernails. But don’t stop there. Inspect your fingernails. Be thorough. Examine your cuticles, too. Did you see any dead skin? Did you find any hangnail? You should cut them off. Use your cuticle cutter or your manicure scissors. Be careful. When you trim the dead skin or the hangnail, do it a bit closer to your fingernail. Make sure that your nail or your live skin (surrounding the area) isn’t going to be damaged. By the way, if you don’t have any cuticle cutter or manicure scissors don’t fret. Any ordinary pair of scissors, preferably small, can readily do the same trick of removing the dead skin on your fingernail.

If you are a trivia fanatic, it pays to know that a fingernail cuticle pusher is more popularly known either as a cuticle stick or as an orange stick! Isn’t that interesting?


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