How To Use a Hotel Reservation Sample Letter

Reserving hotel rooms is as easy as calling the hotel and telling the staff that you need this and that. Online booking is fairly popular also with the many hotels with their online booking services. However, there are instances when one needs to send a hotel reservation letter for the sake of reserving hotel rooms. This is usually needed for business-related activities. The problem is that many people are used to informal booking that writing a reservation letter becomes a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are hotel reservation sample letters online, which can be used as a template of your letter. First, find the most appropriate sample letter. For example, if you’ll be booking for a corporate event, then look for the same sample letter. If you will book for a business conference between companies, then look for a hotel reservation letter with the same purpose. The letter can be downloaded or copied and then, it can be used to write your own hotel reservation letter. Follow the guidelines below when using any hotel reservation sample letter:

  • Fill up the necessary information. Basically, using a sample letter is like filling up the blanks. Some sample letters will have “Your Street Name,” “Your Town,” “Your Country,” etc. These phrases ask for that information. Replace those with your street name, your town, and your country. Meanwhile, there are other sample letters without the obvious variable. Instead, it has a street name, town, and country on it. You’ll just have to replace those with your own address.
  • Check the necessary information. Give out as many information as possible on the letter. The necessary inclusions are your name, number of people (include how many of them are adults and children), the type of room, duration of stay, number of nights, date and time of arrival and departure, and expected amenities.
  • State special requests. If you have special requests, state those in the letter. Maybe you’ll need additional beddings, a rent-a-car, or a personal maid. State all these special requests politely. Confirm from the hotel if they can provide all these requests.
  • Confirm the total payment. Some sample letters will state the total cost of hotel reservation and that the sender understands that the cost must be paid in advance. Include your preferred method of payment like credit card or check. The hotel will state in their reply that such payments are acceptable or not. If not, they’ll suggest other ways to pay for the reservation.
  • Provide your contact information. The hotel might need to confirm the information you sent them or they might have better suggestions for your stay. They need to contact you through your email, mobile number, office number, or fax number.
  • Edit the hotel reservation letter. Read the letter again and see it contains all the needed information. The letter must be short, clear, and concise. Ask another person to read the letter for you and point out mistakes.

It doesn’t matter how well you wrote the letter of if you used a sample letter or not. Just make sure that all information you provided on the letter are correct and complete.


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