How To Use a Hula Hoop

Using a hula hoop is a fun activity that you can do with your children. Apart from the hours of fun that you can have while using the hula hoop, there are also health benefits that you can get from it. Hula hooping is a form of low intensity exercise that will help you shed a few calories. It helps in blood flow circulation and you can also strengthen your hips, waist and knees while doing the exercise. Some people find it easy to use the hula hoop but it might be harder for others. Here are some tips to help you get started on using the hula hoop.

  • Position the hula hoop. The hula hoop that you use must be the right size for you. There are hula hoops that are smaller in circumference and these are best to use for children. You can use the standard size so that you can make the most out of your workout. Hold the hula hoop and position yourself at the center. Hold it with both hands and allow your back to rest on the hula hoop so that there is space in front of you. The hula hoop should be positioned on your waist area, just below your waist level.
  • Using the hula hoop. To start, swing the hula hoop towards the left. The hula hoop will roll and rotate on your body. You can start to rotate your hips so that you can maintain the hula hoop in place. It might take a few tries before you can actually let the hula hoop stay on your waist area rotating. Feel the movements of the hula hoop so that you can sway along with your body. The idea is to go with the rotation of the hoop on your waist so that you can keep it rotating in place.
  • Practice your movements. The only way you can master hula hooping is if you practice doing it every day. As you get used to the motions, it will be easier for you to allow the hula hoop to stay in place and not fall down while you are rotating your hips. Once you get used to the motions, you will find it easier to adjust the hula hoop lower or higher according to your preference.
  • Variations. When you can already use the hula hoop for a long time without dropping it, you can try and walk while you are using the hula hoop. You can also use the hula hoop on other parts of your body including your legs and arms. Some people even use the hula hoop on their necks. Just make sure that you do not hurt yourself while doing this.

Now you know how to use a hula hoop. If you are learning this for exercise, take time to use the hula hoop at least half an hour everyday so that you can shed a few extra calories that you have. After a while, you will notice that have lost weight just by doing this fun activity.


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