How To Use a Melon Baller for Various Things

You probably bought a melon baller because you were fascinated by how it could make cute little melon balls. When you had finally known how to do this, boredom sneaked in. And the melon baller soon became forgotten. But here’s the thing: Although melon baller is not as chic as other kitchen tools, it can be a useful kitchen aid. In fact, it can do a lot of other things than balling melons. Let’s discuss what else you can do with it.

  • Scrape the seeds off cucumbers. With a melon baller, you can remove cucumber seeds in seconds, mess-free. Simply run the melon baller on a sliced cucumber, and it will eliminate all seeds. The seeds will all be trapped in the scoop, ready for dislodging. Aside from cucumber, you can also use the melon baller for other fruits with seeds in the center such as apple and papaya.
  • Make mini meatballs. If you want to make small meatballs, a melon baller is a perfect tool in scooping out your meat mixture. The balls will come out perfectly shaped as opposed to hand-shaped meatballs. But take note that mini meatballs require shorter cooking time, so make sure not to overcook them.
  • Serve mini cookies. Bite-sized cookies are possible with a melon baller. Scoop tiny balls from your dough and bake them as you normally would. Again, adjust the baking time to prevent over-baking the cookies. Make sure to make as many balls as you can. Since the cookies are small, it is very easy to overindulge.
  • Create a bowl of fruit balls. Melon baller can also make balls out of other fleshy fruits. You can, for example, use it for mangoes, papayas, and watermelon. For a quick and refreshing dessert, toss the fruit balls into a bowl and top them with ice cream, milk, or your favorite syrup. Alternatively, you can place the fruit balls on top of your favorite pastries or let them float in your juice drink.
  • Make butter balls. If you want to be creative in your butter presentation, then a melon baller will be of great use. Form butter balls with the melon baller, and put them in your pastries. Remember to use a chilled butter bar, so you won’t have trouble shaping balls. If you don’t want to make butter balls, you can instead create curly butter shavings. Simply run the melon baller across the butter.
  • Make tiny ice cream balls. Surprise your kids by serving them with cute ice cream balls. You can put the ice cream balls in one bowl or clump them together in a regular sized cone. If you prefer to do the second option, remember to make an ice cream base on the opening of the cone to prevent the ice cream balls from falling down to the cone tip.

Most melon ballers have two scoops, with one bigger than the other. If your melon baller falls under this type, you can vary the size of the balls. This will make your desserts, fruit balls, or cookies more pleasing to the eyes.


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