How To Use a Moleskine Notebook

There is a multitude of ways that you can use a moleskine notebook in everything that you do. Having grown much in popularity, a moleskine notebook is a simple journal that has a cardboard covered with cloth as a cover, a spine that allows you to keep the notebook open as you lay it down on the table and finally, a band that can let you close the moleskine properly. Whether it is for personal, professional or creative purposes, there really is no limit on what you can do with this type of notebook. Listed below are just some of the examples on the uses of a moleskine notebook.

  • Choosing the right one. Since there literally are hundreds of varieties you can choose from, pick one that suits your needs and personality. You should also choose between the pocket-sized or the larger one, as your needs may determine which one you should pick. To help you further, you may visit the Moleskine website to have a better understanding on your options. The website not only offers you choices on the different designs of the notebooks, but it also shows you where to buy them.
  • Use it as an assistant. If you do not like to rely much on technology but need something to store cards, meetings and information, then a moleskine notebook can help you with that. By dividing the notebook into sections, you can place mush needed information in a part of it while developing an entire section just for dates and meetings that you have planned. As for cards and other pamphlets, you may use the pocket that is located in the back of the notebook to store them.
  • Use it as a diary. Another use of a moleskine notebook is to store your personal information and thoughts in it. This is where you keep a log of your daily activities as well as your thoughts on things that have transpired in your life. The good thing about using a notebook for this is it requires no batteries and you can do it anywhere you go, even while traveling. You can write on it while you are waiting for the bus, in a cab or even inside an airplane. No more will you be told to turn your PDA off before the plane lifts up from the ground.
  • Other uses. You can also use a moleskine notebook in order to record every interesting thing you’ve done, eaten or been in. By writing them down, you keep track if delicious food that you have tried and wonderful movies that you have seen. You can write notes and explanations on why you liked those things that you have tried or seen so you won’t forget them at all. The good thing with this notebook is you can hand it down to your children and grandchildren in the future as a sort of memorabilia that they can remember you with.

Finally, owning and using a moleskine notebook keeps your life neat and organized. By writing down everything you did or things that you need to do, you are avoiding moments of panic that you won’t remember what you did yesterday or who you will meet tomorrow. Just simply refer to your log in the notebook and you are all set. Buy one for you own and you surely will not regret it. Good luck!


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