How To Use a Monitor with a Tablet PC

A tablet PC is one of the handiest things you can ever own. With it you can do most things such as keep a tab on meetings and appointments, connect to the Internet via WiFi, and create documents from word processors. A tablet PC is also equipped with a touch screen monitor as a means to do all of these things. However, there are times that you may require a larger monitor than the one you already have in your tablet. This can be done by connecting your tablet PC to another desktop monitor or even your television screen. Below are the steps on how you can do just that.

  • Inspect your tablet. While holding your tablet, look at the sides to check for ports that it may have. It should have a VGA or a DVI port, used to connect the tablet to an external monitor. Newer versions of the tablet have HDMI ports that connect to LCD monitors. If you are not sure or have little to no experience handling this type of situation, bring the tablet to where you bought it and ask for assistance from the sales representative.
  • Check the external monitor. Then, you should also inspect the monitor (desktop or television) for ports you can connect your tablet with. Do this by looking at the sides or the back portion of the monitor for the ports. From there you can determine which cable is compatible for your tablet PC. For example, your tablet PC and external monitor both have VGA ports, which then entails that you can use a VGA cable to connect them both. The same thing applies for HDMI ports and cables, as long as both units have both.
  • How to do it. Begin by turning on your tablet PC and connecting the cable to the external monitor. Once both units are connected from port to port, right-click on the desktop and choose the “Properties” option which will then lead you to the “Display Properties” box. Then, proceed by going to the “Settings” tab. In there, you will notice that there are two boxes in grayscale. One bears the number 1 logo and the other box has the number 2 logo. Click the box with the number 2 logo, which represents the second or external monitor you will use. After that you will see a line that reads, “Use this device as primary monitor” which you will then have to check a small box that is directly beside that phrase. Finally, click the “Apply” button in order for the changes to be made. If done correctly, your second monitor should now be your home screen.

If you are using a television screen as your secondary monitor, go to the “Source” option and from there it will read out a number of options for you to choose from. Click the VGA or HDMI option or whichever means you are using for the task. This is a fairly easy task to do, even if you have little to no experience with computers and setting up monitors. Good luck!


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