How To Use a Monitronics Alarm for Home Security

The feeling of being safe in your own home is something that all families should not be deprived of. With the economy still in an uncertain state and people still remain unemployed, the number of home invasions and robberies have been on a rise. While some families opt to have gated houses, some also choose to have a basic alarm system. Now, these measures may work for awhile, but eventually, criminals may be able to bypass these things. In order to achieve optimum safety, you should go for a Monitronics alarm system and learn how to use it. Below is a tutorial on how to do it.

  • Purchasing one. The first thing you will need to do is to order a Monitronics alarm system for your home. This can be done by going to their website and fill out an online form for an order. You may also call their office at 800-290-0709 to have the nearest representative come to your house for a demonstration of the system. Once you are satisfied, purchase one for your home and have it installed.
  • Activating your system. When you have already made your purchase and the system is already in your possession, you will now need to activate it. If you made the purchase online, call their customer service telephone line at (800) 447-9239 for the activation of the system. If you have a professional do the installation, then that person will do the activation on your behalf to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself. However, make sure that you observe how the installation is done so that you may able to learn for yourself as well.
  • Arming the device. Before you begin, make sure that all points of entry in your home are closed such as doors and windows. Choose the “doors and windows” button on the device in order to arm the system. You can also buy a remote control for the Monitronics system to avoid the trouble of going to the main device for the arming and the disarming of the system. Next, go to the “PIN number” option and create a four-digit code that you can choose at the moment of activation. Make sure that what you have entered is correct and without error. Finally, you should know that there are emergency buttons on the system by pressing certain buttons twice, which lets authorities know that you are in a dire situation and require immediate assistance. There is also a silent alarm mode in the event of a home invasion and you want to avoid aggravating the criminals. To have a better understanding of these features, contact the Monitronics hotline so that a representative may fill you in.

The good thing about using a Monitronics system is that authorities are alerted when you are in an emergency. When your alarm goes off, Monitronics headquarters is alerted and they will contact you to make sure that everything is all right. Although it may seem much, nothing beats the feeling of absolute safety. Good luck!


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