How To Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on a Car

After driving your 4x4 vehicle through rough and muddy terrain, one shouldn’t expect the car to be shining like a bright new gem. If the mud is left out to “bake” under the sun, the mud will harden and the unsightly scratches created by the sharp stones and pebbles will come gleaming out. But you need not worry as there is an easy solution. Have you car shine as bright as Mr. Clean’s squeaky clean bald- head with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The Mr. Clean Magic Erase is a rectangular shaped eraser the removes scuff marks and dirt. Though it is normally used to scrub walls, floors and baseboards, it can also be used on a car. Here’s how.

  • Purchase a few Mr. Clean Magic Erasers from the hardware store or any department store. There are four different sizes of scrubs. Choose the size you prefer. These are inexpensive so do stock up with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. The Mr. Clean Magic Erase is sold in packages of one, two, four and eight and is available in several sizes. These can be used for many things and used on most surfaces so it really is not a bad idea to have several packs at home. .
  • First, prepare your car by washing it down with soap and water. Remove any clumps of mud, dirt and stones stuck into the tires. Depending on the extent of the grime, it may take you from 2-3 full wash downs.
  • Use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the surface of the vehicle. First, activate the micro-scrubbers by wetting the magic eraser. Then, simply swipe the magic eraser over the steering wheel, car seats, dashboard, wind shield and even tires. The magic eraser will dislodge and lift the grime, which can then be easily removed with a rag or washed out with water. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is safe to be used on most surfaces such as wood, leather, metal, glass and plastic.
  • When a portion of the scrubber has become dirty, simply turn over the scrubber. You cannot reuse a magic eraser as it dissipates as it is used. You may need to frequently stock up and replace the magic eraser.
  •  When the scrubber becomes a bit dry, simply wet it under a faucet.
  • According to some faithful users, the magic eraser is safer and more powerful than your all-purpose spray cleaner. No harsh cleaning agents or chemicals are used. (The magic eraser is made from melamine resin foam called Basotect.)
  • More powerful than the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser EXTRA POWER. This product is fifty percent stronger than the original! You don’t need to replace it as often and it removes tougher messes more quickly. If the original can’t take out the smudge, then do try the extra power version of the Mr. Clean Magic Erase. If you have a sensitive nose, you can choose between scented and unscented versions. There is also another product specifically created for cleaning cars and bikes called the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Wheel&Tire.

During the course of your cleaning, if the scratches and chips come out, you need not have an expensive paint job at the automobile shop. You can easily remove these scratches by buffing them out. Use a terry cloth towel and a small amount of cleaner wax and rub the solution over the scratches in a circular motion. Good luck!


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