How To Use a Nail Gun and Compressor

Save some money and make your life easier by purchasing a nail gun and compressor to help you with the upkeeps in the house. Whether to reattach a loose board or to place a nail on the wall to hang your husband’s favorite photo, a nail gun is a must-have in every family’s home. Minimize the noise and improve your efficiency with a nail gun. No more annoying bumps and smacks with the hammer and nail when you have the nail gun. A clean shot with the nail gun and your task is done. You don’t even have to wait on your husband to do the upkeeps in your home anymore as you can easily do it yourself. Here’s how to use a nail gun and compressor.

  • You will need: a nail gun, nails, compressor and hose. For safety, do have goggles and gloves.
  • Before deciding to use a nail gun, do take into consideration the inherent danger of using one. There is a reason why they are called guns. They can shoot projectile at impressive speeds and has the potential to hurt someone. There is a real possibility that a misaligned nail can ricochet off a surface. But if you practice caution, you can do many things with a nail gun.
  • A nail gun can drive both short and long nails into wood or even denser materials in a single, forceful blow. Using a hammer and nail will not only take you so much longer to do a task, but it will tire you out.
  • Types. There are two different types of nail guns: one uses compressed air while the other is powered by miniature combustion engine. You can choose and purchase your preferred nail gun at the hardware store. Choose one that comfortably fits your palm and is light enough for your grip.
  • While combustion nail guns are handheld, the other nail gun, which uses compressed air needs a compressor. When using a compressor and nail gun around the home, make sure you have enough air hose to provide slack. Also, consult with the sale representative regarding how big the compressor should be. You can also use the nail gun compressor to fill your car tires.
  • Attach your compressor to the nail gun before you place the nails into the gun. To attach the compressor to the nail gun, simply screw on the hose of the compressor to the bottom of the gun. Make sure that you have the right size of air hose. Instead of dragging the compressor around the house you can simply lengthen the hose.
  • One added advantage of a nail gun that uses compressed air is that you can adjust the pressure and adjust how deep the nails will go into wood or tile. Before using the nail gun, check the pressure. For regular sized nails, the meter indicator should lie between 90 to 110 pounds per square inch. The pressure required will differ depending on the nail, so refer to your manual. Also, refer to building codes to know how far a nail should be driven into the material.

Before using the nail gun, please do take a careful look at the manual. This is vital as this can help you avoid any accidents. It is important that you realize the danger of using a nail gun as it is real and it should be expected that the equipment will fail at one point or another. When using a nail gun, please do protect your face and neck with goggles and thick clothing. Good luck and be safe!


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