How To Use a Paper Shredder as a Pasta Machine

Did you know that a paper shredder could be used to make your own homemade pasta? This simple machine that shred papers on the office can be more productive as you use it around the kitchen. All you need is to have a durable paper shredder to be able to complete your task. If you have an old paper shredder or if it’s not in use anymore, then it is time to make that thing valuable again. Here are some of the guidelines for using a paper shredder as a pasta machine:

  • Prepare the needed materials. You will need the following for this project: heavy-duty paper shredder, non-stick cooking oil, pasta dough and duct tape. Complete the things you will need before proceeding to shredding. Make your pasta dough first.
  • Know the type of shredder you have. The perfect paper shredder to use as a pasta machine should be the one that can shred a credit card and compact disc because with that kind of shredder, you can be sure that it can withstand heavy tasks. If you are planning to purchase a paper shredder and you plan to use it as pasta machine then it is best that you buy the heavy-duty type.
  • Clean the paper shredder well. Whether you have an old shredder or a new one, make sure that it is clean enough for food. Clean it first before shredding the pasta dough. Remove all chips of paper that might be in there or all traces of ink residue, dirt or dust. Those particles can easily stick on the dough and might end up becoming an unwanted addition to your pasta.
  • Replace the catch bin. If your paper shredder has a catch bin, you will have to remove it to have enough space for you to work with your pasta dough.
  • Prepare your cooking oil. Apply non-stick cooking oil to the blade. Make sure that it coats the entire blade completely so that the dough won't stick to it and so you can produce the best quality of pasta. You may have to re-apply some cooking oil if you think that it’s running out already.
  • Make the pasta. As you do your pasta dough, you have to make it fairly thin until it's the right size that would fit the paper feed. Insert the pasta dough on the paper feed and start shredding. As you catch the shredded pasta dough, carefully catch and guide it with your hands. Arrange the pasta, making sure that they don’t tangle up so that they won't stick with each other. Just do the same procedure until you are done with all your pasta dough.

The paper shredder that you used as a pasta machine can also be used to cut other food. It can also shred cabbages and other vegetables that you think your shredder can handle. You will have to determine what kind of foods that you will shred on it. Make sure that no liquid or cooking oil will reach the machine part of the shredder to prevent it from breaking. Good luck and hope this helped!


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