How To Use a PNY Flash Drive

The great thing about having a PNY flash drive is that you can have data storage on the go. It contains a removable and rewritable memory that is packaged in a small size. Plus, it is very easy to use a flash drive. In fact, even a kid can successfully use this in his everyday needs. Here is a guide to help you in using a PNY flash drive:

  • Get a flash drive for yourself. The market is offering flash drives of different styles and models these days. Choose one that will best fit your personality. Also, choose a flash drive that will give you enough storage capacity. You can choose from 64 megabytes to as much as 64 gigabytes.
  • Install the driver of the flash drive in the computer. In most cases, there is no need to install any driver in your computer for the flash drive to work. This is especially true if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista. However, if in any case the flash drive cannot be recognized, use the CD that comes with it to begin the installation process.
  • Insert the flash drive to the USB port. Find the USB port in your computer and insert the flash drive there carefully. Take note not to force the flash drive into the port. Once the flash drive is plugged in, your computer will already recognize the external memory.
  • Choose the task you want to do with the flash drive. In most cases, your operating system will open options for you in terms of what you will want to do with the flash drive. The options can include opening the files, playing music files, and the like. You can also access your flash drive in My Computer and is labeled as drive E or F. If you have named your flash drive, the name will appear in My Computer.
  • Do the necessary operations you want for the flash drive. Save, copy, or delete files in your flash drive depending on what you want to do. Anything you do in your computer's hard drive can also be done in your flash drive.
  • Remove the flash drive from your computer. Before unplugging the flash drive from the port, check the task bar and click on the icon for the hardware devices. This is necessary to safely remove your hardware from the computer. A message will appear telling you that it is already safe for you to remove the device. Once you see this, you can already unplug the device from the USB port.
  • Use the flash drive with care to avoid damaging it. You must follow the right way to remove the flash drive so you do not damage any file stored in it. Take note that just pulling it out of the port can increase the risk of damaging not only the files but also the flash drive itself. Also, do not take it out while on the process of copying, moving, saving, and deleting files to ensure the operation will turn out successful.

The introduction of the flash drive has brought a lot of convenience to a lot of people living in the digital world these days. If you need a storage that can help you on-the-go, a PNY flash drive is the best option. Don’t be afraid of using it, as it is very easy and convenient to have a flash drive.


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