How To Use a Razor to Cut Hair

One of the newer trends in cutting hair is through the use of a razor (blade). This is called razor cutting. Instead of using scissors for trimming and cutting your locks, a razor is used to give your hair a shredded look. On the average, a razor is 3 inches long. It is a straight blade that has to be really sharp so it can slice through your hair without creating split ends.

  • Get your gear ready. Purchase a razor from the beauty supplies store. Ask the sales person for recommendations. You will need a towel, shampoo, conditioner, a comb, hair clips, a smock (if you don’t want hair on your clothes), hairdryer and styling brush. If your hair dries easily, have a sprayer bottle with water on hand. Having a friend or family member to help will surely make the job easier for you.
  • Shampoo your hair. Wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo. Apply conditioner to your hair. Make sure to rinse off the conditioner well. You want your hair damp so you can easily manage your hair.
  • Prep your hair. After washing your hair, detangle it with a comb. Divide your damp hair into four parts just like what hair stylists do in salons. Vertically split your hair in the middle then divide your hair horizontally. The horizontal parting of the hair should be parallel to the center hairline on your head. Pin the upper parallel sections with hair clips so these are out of the way. You want the two bottom sections loose.
  • Start with one section. Get a portion of one of the bottom sections of your hair. Smooth it out with a comb. Get your razor and slice through the hair smoothly. If this is your first time, it is best to cut off a small portion first that can be hidden from view with your uncut hair in case you make a mistake. Continue cutting the other portions of that section. Comb to smooth the hair then slice away. A medium tension should be applied. As you move around that section, lift portions of the hair that you have not yet cut then apply the razor. What you want to do is to create layers. If the hair gets too dry, use the sprayer bottle with water to dampen the portion of the hair you are working on.
  • Repeat with the other hair sections. Perform the same technique on the remaining uncut portions of your hair. Do the back portion first before moving to the front. Make sure to lift the hair so you don’t slice through previously cut hair. Tousle your hair once in awhile to see the progress. Be careful when cutting your bangs because this area is right in front of your face close to your eyes.
  • Style your hair. When you are done razor cutting, blow dry your hair with a styling brush. Apply any additional product that your hair needs (styling gel, cream, oil, clay etc).

Razor cut hair has been made popular by Hollywood celebrities especially by singers like Madonna and Britney Spears. It is a hairstyle that is created using a razor blade instead of the standard hair cutting scissors. You can try cutting your hair with a razor at home. Be patient and be careful! Once you master razor cutting, you will surely be able to style your hair with much panache.


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