How To Use a Rubber Band to Style Hair

Rubber bands are very helpful yet basic accessories that you can use to style your hair. There are many things you can do with just your comb and your rubber bands.

Style your hair using a rubber band by following these steps:

  • Clean your hair. Before styling your hair, make sure that it is clean. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner so that it falls smoothly and is easier to manage.
  • Detangle your hair. Before drying your hair, make sure that you detangle it using a comb with teeth set wide apart, or simply with a brush. Just make sure that all the strands are not entangled.
  • Dry your hair. Use proper instruments when drying your hair such as a towel, a comb or a brush, and a dryer. Add serum if needed so that your hair looks healthier and shinier. This will also help in making managing easy.
  • Determine the kind of hairstyle that you want. With rubber bands, you can create many different hair styles. The basic style that you can start working with is a ponytail. From this, you can experiment and try to create other styles.
  • Comb your hair back. To begin making your ponytail, comb your hair towards the back of your head. The strands of your hair will fall back and will be ready for making the ponytail.
  • Pull your hair back. Use your hands to pull all your hair back. Set the height of the ponytail the way you want. You can put it high for a cheerful look, or lower for a simple yet elegant style.
  • Smooth your hair out. With your hand still gripping your bundle of hair, smooth your hair out using a comb or a brush. Use one of your hands to grip your ponytail, and the other to comb or brush it smooth. Make sure that you adjust your grip to keep your smooth ponytail in place.
  • Slide in your rubber band. Now you can put your comb or your brush down and take your rubber band. Set the rubber band in your hand so that you can slide it easily into the ponytail. When you are ready, hold it by your ponytail and slide it in. Keep the ponytail pulled while sliding in the rubber band.
  • Tighten the grip of your rubber band. To do this, you will need to use both hands alternately to stretch the rubber band and to pull your ponytail. First stretch the rubber band to one side of your ponytail. Using the same hand, twist it and slide it in again the same way you did the first time all the while keeping your pull on your ponytail. Repeat the process until the rubber band is secured in place, pulling your ponytail with just the right pressure that you want.
  • Adjust the rubber band. If the rubber band is too tight or is uncomfortable, try adjusting it by gently pulling it away from your hair. Do not pull too hard or else your rubber band will loosen up completely and you will have to redo your hair.
  • Tighten your ponytail. Divide your ponytail into two sections using both hands and pull them away from each other. This will push the rubber band towards your head and tighten the ponytail. If need be, comb or brush your hair to smoothen it out.

You can now try out other hair styles by being creative with your rubber band. Enjoy!


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