How To Use a Splitter to Hook Up a DirecTV DVR

DirecTV offers a unique TV watching experience as it delivers high definition programming into your home. One of the products of DirecTV is the DirecTV DVR. This gadget allows you to record TV shows so that you can watch them at your convenience. DirecTV has remarkable features such that you can play back for up to an hour and a half's worth of clips from live shows. This play back feature allows you to review the frames that you might have missed during a bathroom break or an important phone call.

If you have recently purchased a DirecTV DVR for your home, you will need to install it on your television set. If your entertainment system is already set earlier, you might find it difficult to make room for another player. Drilling holes may be too much of a task to make the necessary connections. Good thing there are splitters available so that you can easily connect more than one DVR boxes to your existing connections.

  • Gather your materials. You will need a coax cable and a splitter for this project. The quantity of cables and splitters that you should buy depends on your need. You will also need to check if you should get a long cable to extend the connection to reach the device or if splitting is necessary. Splitters are necessary if you want to connect DirecTV DVR to another room, apart from the existing connection. If you need to make the connection longer, you still need to have a splitter to connect the existing cable with a longer one.
  • Start with the connection. The existing coax cables can be found in your wall outlet. Check to see which one is dedicated to your television. Some DirecTV DVR units have one cable, while some have two cables. Connect the splitter to the cable or cables using a screw and use the “RF In” connection found in your DVR box.
  • The second cable must be connected and screwed to the opposite end of your splitter. You will notice that there are two tabs on the opposite end for connection; you can use either of the two, as they will both work. The same “RF In” connection will be used to accommodate the second cable.
  • The third cable goes to the third tab found on your splitter. This can be used for multi-room connections. You will need to connect this cable to second room where you want to install the DirecTV DVR. You will still connect this cable to the “RF In” connection.
  • Add length. For lengthening purpose, you can use a smaller two-splitter to achieve a longer connection. Simple attach the connector on both ends of the cables before you run the cable to the other room. Use the same process of connecting the cable to the “RF In” connection.

Try on your DirecTV DVR on both rooms to ensure that they are working properly. For bigger homes with more rooms, DirecTV DVR can still be used on several rooms. All you need to do is to find a splitter with multiple tabs. Be wary though as multiple splitting can result to lower quality on your TV output.


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