How To Use a Tattoo Gun

Tattoos are visual expressions of a person’s personality and character. In some countries, tattoos are part of their culture and heritage. You will see women’s and men’s bodies and faces adorned by tattoos of different design and sizes. The popularity of tattoos has extended from countries that consider tattoos as part of their culture to countries that regard tattoos as aesthetic expressions. Some tattoo artists still use traditional tools for tattooing, the conventional ones that do not require electricity. The reason for this is that they want to preserve the ancient way of tattooing and keep it alive for generations to come. But tattoo guns have emerged for sanitary purposes and for ease of tattooing. If you want to take tattooing as a hobby or a business venture, you have to first know how to use a tattoo gun. Read on to learn more about that.

  • Study the mechanism carefully. Tattoo guns come with their owner’s manuals that you can refer to. Before using it, read the manual and familiarize yourself with the different components that make up the whole mechanism. Each component has an important purpose why it is there. The manual will also guide you in the step-by-step use of the tattoo gun. If you are new to tattooing and you do not have prior knowledge about tattoo guns, it may take you a while to learn and understand the mechanism. Be patient and go over the manual a few times until you are confident that you can already handle it carefully.
  • Insert the needles. There are two kinds of needle arrangement, the liner and shader needles. Liner needles are arranged in a circular pattern while shader needles are lined up straight. Insert the appropriate number of needles according to the manual. Use only disposable and sterile needles. Make sure that they are sealed in their containers prior to using them.
  • Plug the tattoo gun to a power supply. The voltages of both the socket and the plug should match. The gun should be whirring by now. You should have your inks ready to be used. Pour different color in separate small plastic trays so you can dip the needles in each.
  • Start tattooing. Stencil the design on the body part prior to tattooing it permanently. When you are done, remove the needles and dispose of them properly. Clean the tattoo gun so it is ready for use on the next client. Replace the needles with fresh ones.

The most important thing to remember when you are tattooing is that you have to replace the needles every time you finish tattooing a client. Infectious diseases like AIDS and HIV and other blood diseases can be passed on through infected needles. Use fresh, sterile and disposable needles for each of your clients. Do not compromise the health of your clients by being frugal in using needles. Be responsible. Once a person is infected through your unhygienic needles, it is very hard to impossible to treat the disease that is contracted. Toss out rusty needles.


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