How To Use a Wii Memory Card

Wii uses advanced technology that allows a user to save a game and other shareable stuff like photos and other downloaded games into an external storage space like an SD card that is compatible with Wii. With the Wii memory card, you will be able to upload and download stored information between compatible systems and share them between game consoles. Below are tips on how to use a Wii memory card.

  • Download and install the Wii Menu 4.0. This menu enhances your Wii’s storage options by increasing your Wii’s storage capacity with SD and SDHC cards and launch games and channels saved in the SD cards. The new menu has several options that will allow you to transfer data store inside your Wii’s main memory to an external storage disk.
  • Buy an SD (secure digital) card that has a Nintendo seal or a label that indicates that it is compatible with Wii. The storage capacity of SD cards is varied and the price of the memory card is dependent on its storage capacity.
  • Turn on your Nintendo Wii game console and from the main menu select Wii settings from the bottom left of the screen. In the new window that opens select Data Management. This is where you copy, delete, add or update the data that you have stored in your Wii console.
  • Open the SD card door, which is located at the front of the console. Take out the SD card from its case and insert it in the SD slot. The label should be facing the Wii game disc slot. Push it until you hear it click in place.
  • Highlight the files in the Data Management window that you want to store in the Wii memory card. You can use the directional pad or the Wiimote. Press A or the trigger to select all files that you want to copy, store or transfer to the memory card. If you are copying a Wii channel use Data Management > Wii Channels and select which one to copy and then select Copy. When prompted, select Yes to copy to the Wii memory card. If you are going to copy saved data and other information choose Data Management > Save Data. Select the Wii tab to display all the saved data and select the files you want to transfer to the Wii or Wii-compatible memory card. .
  • After you have selected the files that you want to store in the Wii memory card, locate the copy command from the Data Management window. Choose the option to copy to information to the SD card.

Using a Wii memory card will free up a lot of storage space in your Wii console to make room for more games, discussion logs and other information that you want to keep without taking too much space in your Wii console. The process is basically like backing up your computer files into an external storage disk. You can more memory on your computer and at the same time secure your important information in another disk.


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