How To Use a Yoga Strap

To many people living in today’s stressful times, yoga provides a release of tension, making it an excellent source of relief from the everyday problems that constantly plague their minds. The calming, therapeutic exercises involved in yoga can help anyone who shows even only the slightest bit of interest in it—in fact a lot of people simply engage in its day to day exercises so they have a means of distraction. One of the reasons why yoga is so popular is because it can cater to all kinds of people. While it certainly has specific exercises that can only be done by those who have sufficient experience in yoga, there are still dozens upon dozens of beginner’s exercises to choose from, which means anyone can pick it up at any time and still benefit from its relieving effects. Young and old, big and small, yoga provides all the same.

  • There are also certain pieces of equipment which make the exercises more challenging—which in turn make it more rewarding and satisfying. One such piece of equipment is the yoga strap, a material that increases the overall resistance of your chosen exercises (with the amount of resistance dependent on what kind of yoga strap you purchase). Although this essentially makes the exercises more difficult, it also improves your core strength far faster than if you continued to do the exercises without the strap. This article will provide some tips on how to be effective with this strap through a step-by-step process written below:
  • You can use the yoga strap for simple stretching exercises. Whenever you are going to stretch your arms and legs, doing so with the yoga strap will improve balance by increasing the resistance. Stretches involving outstretched arms and legs are particularly effective, and it is also very rewarding when used along with more difficult stretching exercises.
  • The yoga strap can be used to improve on the stretches that you find difficult to do all the way. Aside from providing a certain amount of resistance, the yoga strap can also give you that little push which may have been all you needed to properly perform certain exercises. However, if it begins to hurt, do not use the yoga strap on that particular exercise until you feel you are better prepared.
  • Resistance is the key to being creative with the yoga strap. Any exercise where you feel it is harder to do because of the yoga strap, keep doing it. From the upper body stretches to lower body (although the latter can be more difficult), your yoga strap can be effective in all manners of ways, so long as you are willing to experiment. You can use the resistance you are feeling as a clue. If it feels like it is too much, then go with other, easier exercises until you try again. If you feel like it is too easy, then you are improving and need to try harder exercises.

And those steps are all you need to know in order to effectively use your yoga strap. Stay creative, keep it safe and most important of all, have fun.


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