How To Use an Eye Patch to Improve Night Vision

Have you once thought about why pirates wear an eye patch over one eye? No, it’s not always because they lost an eye. It’s because legend says that by wearing an eye patch, they are able to have “night vision” meaning they can see in the dark with that eye. Our eyes adjust to brightness. If you see clearly when it’s bright and enter a low lit room, your eyes will not be able to see anything. But if you wear an eye patch over one eye and enter the low lit room, you’ll be able to see with the eye that was covered. Here are the steps on how you can use an eye patch to improve your night vision.

  • What you will need. You will need a clean eye patch that fits you. If you don’t have one, you can use a blind fold instead for as long as it will help keep your one eye closed. You will also need a dark room that is not pitch black. Using a pitch black room will not make your experiment successful.
  • Prepare your eye patch. Have an eye patch that fits comfortably on you. Wash the eye patch before you put it on because some eye patches may cause rashes. Apply some cream or lotion where you will place the eye place the eye patch on.
  • Wear your eye patch. Put it on in a place that’s normally lit. Place the eye patch over your head and with your hands, carefully place the eye patch, which should be horizontal (meaning it should be longer lengthwise and shorter from top to bottom), on top of your eye that you wish to cover. Now, fix the straps comfortably around your head. If the straps are too loose, get hold of the link and adjust it accordingly. Pull it to tighten until you feel your eye patch feels just right.
  • Close your covered eye. Remember to keep your covered eye closed during the whole duration that it’s covered. It won’t be easy but you will reap the benefit seeing later.
  • While away your time. Watch a movie or a TV show to let some time pass. Continue to keep your covered eye closed.
  • Enter a dimly lit room. Choose a room that is not pitch black. You will not be able to see anything even with your covered eye if you do. Be careful not to trip or loose balance.
  • Take off your eye patch. As you stand in the dark room, gently remove the eye patch. You can either place the eye patch on your uncovered eye or keep your unclosed eye shut while you open the previously closed one.
  • Open your closed eye. After you’ve closed the other eye, open the eye that you’ve kept shut for quite some time. Look around the room and be amazed.

Now you understand why pirates wear an eye patch. It’s really not to just be part of a costume. It’s so that they can keep watch in the dark especially if they’ve found hidden treasure.


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