How To Use an Inverted Drill Press

One of the biggest hassles that construction workers used to face was making drills on the ceiling. This was very difficult and not quite precise, because one had to crane their bodies upwards in order to make the drill. Today, however, there are tools that make it easier for people to make drills on the ceiling or in other high places. This tool is called the inverted drill press. Here are some steps to help you use the inverted drill press.

  • Position the stand. First of all, you will need to setup the stand that usually comes with the tool. The stand is what will hold the drilling unit in place, and is usually tall enough to accommodate most heights. It also has adjustments that allow you to adjust the height, and sometimes even comes with wheels to allow you to move the inverted drill press from one spot to another. The setup is important because it removes the stress of holding the drill press by people.
  • Add the drill chuck. Now, you will need to add the actual drill chuck to the setup. In the setup, you will see that there is an arm that swivels into position. Take the chuck in the size that you like, and insert it into the swivel arm. You can afterwards position the arm in several directions. You can also adjust the drill chuck with more precision by using the swivel arm.
  • Elevate and insert the drill chuck. After you have installed the drill chuck into the arm of the support setup, the next step is to insert the drill bit carefully into the chuck. Make sure that you choose a drill bit that is the correct size, so that you will not have to pull down the swivel arm just to replace the drill bit. Once the drill bit has been inserted tightly into the drill chuck, you can elevate the chuck until it is at the same height as the area that you are drilling on. The inverted drill press usually comes with a lever that will allow you to choose the height of the drill chuck and the drill bit.
  • Operate on the ground. After you have positioned the drill bit on the exact spot that you are planning on drilling using the lever and the crank, you can use the control panel at the foot of the support setup to start the drilling process. Using the control panel, you will be able to determine the exact speed and pressure that the drill press will use on the surface that you are drilling into. With the inverted drill press, most of the actual drilling is automated, which makes it safer and easier for the workers to use.

With these easy steps, you should be able to operate an inverted drill press and use it to create drill holes on various overhead surfaces, without having to strain your back and your arms. As with all other types of power tools, however, make sure that you wear goggles and other safety equipment while operating the device.


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