How To Use an Old Necktie to Make a MP3 or Cell Phone Case

Looking for a case for that new cell phone or MP3 player you just received? Don’t want to be bothered of having to purchase one at a local electronics store? Perhaps you spent all your money on the device itself? Whatever the case may be, there is a solution within arm’s reach; just look inside your closet. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a case for your MP3 player or cell phone using a necktie.

  • Measuring your device. The first step is to measure the length of your electronic device. If your device happens to be rounded at the ends, make sure that you measure at the end of the rounded part. Next measure the width of the device. Your cell phone or MP3 player needs to be narrower than the tie itself. Generally, skinny ties won’t work for the majority of electronic devices. Double check your measurement as any errors may end up costing you a tie.
  • Preparing the tie. Once you have your measurement for the device's length, get your tie ready. You will be working with the back side of the tie, the side in which the hem line runs down the middle. From the base of the triangle formed at the wide end of the tie, measure double the length of the device. Before making your cut, add a quarter inch to allow ample room for the hem. If your electronic device measures six inches, make sure the length from the straight part of the tie to where you cut is 12 and a quarter inches.
  • Cleaning the cut. After cutting, your next step will be fixing the end of the tie where the incision was made. Depending on the tie, the cloth used to pad the inside of the tie may be hanging out. Simply push some of the exposed cloth back into the tie itself or cut the excess out. Hem the end with string that best matches the color of the tie. If you’re having difficulty sewing the tie, try ironing the end first.
  • Sew the sides. Once the end of the tie has been hemmed, fold the tie where in the base of the triangle of the wide end lines up with the sewn end. Once the ends are lined up and the sides are in place, use pins to keep them in place. Sew small stitches along each side of the tie. Careful not to stitch too far into the tie as it may become cumbersome to insert and remove your device from the case or it may not fit at all. Once the sides have been sewn properly, remove the pins and flip the tie inside out where the hemming is no longer visible.
  • Creating the flap. The triangle part of the tie will serve as the flap to your case. To prepare the flap itself, fold it down and iron it until the crease is eventually prominent. If you’d like consider placing a piece of Velcro for added security.


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