How To Use Animated GIFs

Unlike before when texts and a still picture are the only means available when expressing oneself through the computer, now, animated GIFs can make any message livelier. Adding animated GIFs jazzes up any email, presentation or Web page. They are easy to use and they can be very effective when you want to get your point across. Many GIFs are available online free. However, you may make them on your own as well. Here is how you can use animated GIFs.

  • Emails. You can use animated GIFs when sending a greeting or expressing your feelings to another person. In Microsoft Outlook Express, you can put a GIF by going to the “Insert” menu and then selecting “Picture”. Click “Picture Source” then find the “Browse” option and click it. Open the location of the animation you wish to put in your email. You can add as many animated GIFs as you want. Inserting animated GIFs add spice and life to your email. If you are using Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or other email service providers, adding animated GIFs takes the same approach as to adding pictures.
  • Signature. In forums or message boards, you may use animated GIFs as your signature. Each message that you add will have your signature. You can use animated words or a GIF of your favorite clip. Aside from signatures, you may use GIFs when expressing a feeling in message boards. You can use it to show expressions of anger, shock, fear and many more.
  • Web page. You may use animated GIFs to add life to your Web page. Not only for aesthetics purposes, you may use them when you want to show people about a specific product or service. Insert an animation on your Web page the same way you insert an image. If you have any trouble with the Web page coding (HTML), there are many sites available that offer free help and tutorials.
  • PowerPoint presentation. Put animated GIFs in your PowerPoint presentations to attract interest and attention to specific areas you feel are need to be emphasized. Adding animated GIFs can help you get a point across more easily. Just like in a webpage, you may use animated GIFs to educate about a certain topic. Be creative when adding such GIFs and be sure to not use too much on a slide because that may make it look very busy. Keep your slide simple by adding not more than two animated GIFs per slide. For PowerPoint presentations, since you can put animations on how the picture or the text may appear, adding too many GIFs may be burdensome to your audience. Especially if your audience is younger, animations will keep their interest.
  • Social networking sites. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or any other social networking sites, animated GIFs jazz up a message. You may add them to entertain or to express your message in a much clearer way by inserting an appropriate GIF.

Now when already have your animated GIFs in place, see if you like the factor it adds to your message, presentation or Web page. Add or delete the GIF to your liking.


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