How To Use Antique Sewing Machine Drawers to Decorate a Home

Antique sewing machine drawers are these small hardwood chests that are ornately designed to complement their original sewing instrument. The drawers themselves can stand alone as a fixture in your home and having a few scattered around your rooms can bring an impact to the atmosphere of the place.

Here are some ideas for using antique sewing machine drawers to decorate a home.

  • Use it to store office supplies. A vintage woodcraft can have modern significance by storing optical disks, flash drives and other office supplies. Let it call attention to itself amidst the gleam of metal and glass to add more appeal to your workplace. Its long, rectangular shape fits perfectly with many electronics and office supplies. You can also keep it besides the phone and store pens, memo pads and address books for convenience.
  • Grow plants in it. Place some plastic lining along the interior to prevent water seepage. Add some rich loam into the drawer then plant some seedlings, such as cactus or ivy. Set it in your garden or indoors. You can also keep it in the garden shed to store garden tools and supplies.
  • Turn it into an accessories compartment. Your trinkets, bracelets, hair bands and all other ornaments can all be stored in the drawer. Find a nice place in your dresser to place it then put only the essentials in it. You can also put it in the kitchen counter or near the doorway as a place to put it your daily essentials such as car keys, flashlight and chargers. Finally, you can keep it near your television and store your remote control, TV guide and video rentals there.
  • Place some scented candles in it. Keep it in the kitchen and light it during special occasions to impress your guess.
  • Keep it on top of your toilet tank. You may store reading materials, fancy soaps and clean washcloths. Its proportions and size will perfectly fit with most toilet tank tops. Slide a knitted mat under it to prevent slipping.
  • Place it in the garage. Your small tools and hardware supplies can be handily stored in a fairly large drawer. Place a paper lining along the bottom of the drawer then replace it every year for maintenance. Store only the essentials and do not overload it; you will only make looking for the tools you want harder if you have to go through every layer every time. You can also use it during garage sales to store small items for sale, or offer the drawer for sale when its contents have been disposed of.
  • Use it as a hobby drawer. Whether you are into knitting, electronics, crafts or paperwork, a sewing machine drawer can store your basic supplies and unfinished work. You can bring it with you anywhere and set on the couch or the floor.

Ancient sewing machine drawers can add a touch of warmth in your house. Try looking for them around flea markets or garage sales, or even search for them online.


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