How To Use Broken China Mosaics to Decorate Your Home

If you’re angry and you know it, break a plate! Then make a mosaic about it especially if the plate you’re about to break into pieces is a China! Make all those broken pieces whole again instead of sweeping it straight to the garbage bag! See if this mosaic project works for you by giving it a try.

You’ll need the following. Make sure you have all these as soon as you begin working on this craft project.

  • Pair of gloves
  • Clear goggles
  • Grout in your preferred color
  • Adhesive that’s made especially for porcelain or tiles
  • Craft stick
  • Towel
  • Small hammer
  • Base for the mosaic like a picture frame or a wooden bird house
  • Good lighting and lots of space to work in
  • 24 hours for the pieces to dry completely prior to grouting and another 24 hours after grouting to completely enjoy the work of your hands.

  • Get into gear. Before proceeding to the next step, your peepers must be safely behind a pair of clear goggles and your hands well within the protection of a pair of gloves. If you have some sort of a protective mask similar to what welders wear, wear this instead so that your entire face is protected but your eyes should be able to clearly see behind the mask. Ok, go ahead and proceed.
  • Break some plates. Take one plate at a time and cover it with a towel. Now take the small hammer and very purposely smash the plate into ¼ pieces. Make sure to keep your distance while hammering away just to be extra safe. After a couple of hits on the plate through the towel, set the small hammer down, open the towel just to check your work. When you need to hit the plate some more, close the towel and proceed as usual.
  • Gather the broken pieces of the plate. Pick the pieces up very gently. Using a firm hand may cause the edges to accidentally cut through the gloves you’re wearing. Place the pieces on a clean and dry surface and within reach from where all the other materials are placed. These pieces will be the star of this craft project so make sure they’re on a choice spot in your working area.
  • Lump “like” pieces together. There’s an art to this craft. When decorating a picture frame or a bird house made from wood, the pieces that are stuck together to create a mosaic must make sense in terms of visual appeal, creative design, and colors. From the pieces that you have collected the next task is to pick through the pieces and lump together those that share a likeness in terms of the design you have in mind. These pieces don’t necessarily have to form a flower or whatever. It just needs to be in sync or to fit together in a way that makes sense.
  • Start applying adhesive one piece at a time. Use the craft stick and squeeze a very small amount of adhesive on it. Use the craft stick to apply the adhesive on one piece then immediately stick that piece on the frame. Move on one piece at a time until a mosaic is formed and completed on the entire frame. Leave the mosaic to dry out which could take up to 24 hours to achieve.
  • Spread the grout around. After 24 hours, go back to the mosaic. Mix the grout following instructions on the packet. The best consistency for grouting is something similar to beaten raw eggs. Get to that consistency. Then get a towel and place the mosaic on the towel, start pouring grout all over the mosaic until all the gaps have been filled. Leave it be for another 24 hours.

Display the mosaic on a shelf or right next to a lamp by your bedside so you will always be reminded that something this beautiful can be created after a moment of fit-driven anger. Beauty can truly emerge from something bad. The proof of this is what you see.


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