How To Use Call Forwarding on your Home Phone

Can you imagine winning a contest but the only way to claim your prize is to have the contest organizers call you at home? And what if you’re away from your house often, what happens to your prize then? Does it forfeit? That would suck, but luckily, there’s a solution for that.

The problem when expecting important phone calls is that often, we are not where we are meant to be.  Life takes us in strange destinations throughout the day and often, we aren’t indoors to take these calls. Unless you plan to spend all day waiting by your phone, the best thing to do is to get call forwarding so you do not miss out on those important calls.

Call forwarding basically allows calls made to your landline to be sent to either a different phone or to your mobile phone. If you’re always expecting important phone calls and are the type who’s always on the move, call forwarding could become your new best friend.

  • Work from your home phone. You’ll be programming your home phone to automatically send whatever calls it receives to the destination phone. So pick up your home phone receiver then wait for a dial tone.
  • Punch in the forwarding code. On the numerical key pad of your landline phone, dial up pound sign (#) 72 or star (*) 72 to activate the call forwarding command. If you’re the type who lives in the 80’s and still have a rotary dial phone, the number you need to spin in is 1172.
  • Input the phone number. After activating the call forwarding option, you need to let the landline phone know which phone you’ll forward the call to. Call forwarding understands ten digit numbers so you’ll need to include the area code in the number. If you are forwarding to a cell phone, it’s best you refer to your service provider if there are any protocols regarding call forwarding. If you’re forwarding to a different landline there will be a confirmation tone to let you know that the call forwarding option is in effect.
  • Test call. To check if the forwarding worked, go to a friend’s place and dial your landline from there. The call should immediately divert to your mobile phone. If you like, you can answer the call to confirm that the call forwarding works.
  • Deactivation procedure. You can deactivate call forwarding anytime by dialling the pound sign (#) 73 or star (*) 73. And if you’re that 80’s guy with the old school rotary phone, the number to spin in is 1173. There will be a confirmation tone as well to let you know that the call forwarding has been deactivated.
  • Check your service provider. The numbers given above that activate and deactivate your call forwarding are the general ones provided by phone companies. You may need to confirm with your phone service provider if they have different numbers used for call forwarding.

Call forwarding is a service provided free of charge by phone companies. You may also want to check with your company’s policies regarding call forwarding if you want to forward your home calls to your office phone.


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